Friday, October 15, 2010

Big Hurdle Crossed

We probably came as close to torturing Xiu as we ever have, but it was unfortunately necessary.  I felt a bit guilty afterward, but there was now that Xiu would be able to practice the skills she needs without a roommate knowing.  There was no pain or anything, but a lot of bondage and threats.  I will make it up to her a bit, but if she's going to be my sissy she needs to know that things will be done my way.

It took a lot of convincing to get Xiu to reallize her best option was to tell her roommate that she was experimenting with her gender and would be dressing up around the apartment, but would not do so in anyway that would embarrass her.   Her roommate's name is Kristy and she strikes me as a very serious girl, but I have only had one brief meeting with her.  I can't see Kristy ever participating, but I'd love to have her watching to make sure that Xiu does what she's supposed to.  I can do it subtlety by asking questions and pretending it's just curiosity as in "Did Xiu dress up last night?"  I think that may keep Xiu on his toes.

Xiu went out on his date with Amber and it seemed to be going pretty well.  Cindy and Jill are keeping an eye on them as Xiu really doesn't know them. 

Xiu is pronounced the same way as au jus.   It's like the J in Jacque followed by the ew sound.


  1. How do you guys tie someone up like that? How
    many of you were there? Did you use Heather?


  2. when are the new wix pages going to be created? =D

    and as someone posted previously, can we get higher quality pics.

  3. Hello Miss Sheila, I wanted to thank you for keeping us informed of what is going on with the training of the sissies. I wish I was your sissy also and that you would be training me. I'm jealous of the sissies because they get your attention while you are trying to make them more feminine.
    Love you.. Yours for the asking.. xoxoxox

  4. Xiu looks lovely! she's SO lucky whether or not she knows it yet!

  5. Just thought I would post this video showing
    a schematic view of a feminine walk and a
    masculine walk.


  6. Things are moving quickly with Xiu; it sounds like the roommate is going to be enormously helpful. You amigas are amazingly efficient at this!

    Also, in case you are still taking suggestions for the sissy contests, I thought you might want to include some 'Tramp Stamps'---temporary ones, presumably. I noticed these ( among others, which supposedly come off in a couple of days. It might be fun, whether this is some sort of event itself (who has the best one?), or perhaps a punishment for losing some other event. A bonus: the sissy will need help (from another sissy?) to get them on, making it even more embarrassing.