Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shopping and MORE

Shopping went a lot longer than I planned.  When the dust cleared early this afternoon, Xiu had spent over $1000 between her and us.  She has heels, flats, dressy clothes, casual clothes, her own makeup, and even fake nails.  She has the clothes now to look like a debutante or a girl gone wild depending on our mood.  Things went so well that I made her order her breast forms today.  We even took her to Chinatown to shop for a few things traditional to her Chinese heritage.  The shop was recommended to me by a Chinese salesgirl who said there was absolutely nothing wrong with playing up the mysterious Asian woman thing because it drives some guys wild. She's figured out it's not ending at Halloween.  I really liked that one, but she still doesn't get just what she's in for or how much power she's given us.


  1. You all are incredible. In less than two weeks, you have her ordering her own breast forms.

    She has got to be the most gullible of the sissies. You ought to be thinking about what else you can convince her of now.

    My suggestion is that you get her a breast sensitizing cream. Convince her that she needs to apply some before she puts her breast forms on. When she starts dating guys, let her date in her A cup bra. Imagine how she will feel when a guy touches her breast and the nipple gets hard. I am sure that you can come up with better ideas - that's just mine. You probably don't want to post this one.

  2. As far as the room mate, if Xiu says to her that she always wondered what
    it would be like, you're all set.

  3. I think I am most surprised at the competition between all of the sissy's. They all seem to want to be prettier than the others. I don't know how you did that but I am sure impressed. I am waiting for your new book "Sissy's for Dummies" so I can start on my boyfriends.

    Thank you so much for such an entertaining set of blogs


  4. Xiu is so pretty, we need higher res pictures to
    see her pretty face. Bill

  5. It seems Xiu (how DO you pronouce that?) is right where you want her, taking the bait, hook line and sinker. Can't wait to hear about these dates. Are you Ladies going to chaperone the dates, or let them go by themselves? Lgb