Saturday, October 9, 2010

Today's The Day

Right now, Amanda is in her bedroom with Xiu giving her a makeover.   She's got a plan to get her in heels and a miniskirt by letting her wear a t-shirt by telling her I was insisting she show off either her non-existent boobs or her legs.  Amanda is amazingly good at playing good cop and while I don't think Xiu completely trusts her, she is looking at her as her best chance to get out of this with any dignity left.  I've been playing up the bad cop and even told her I'm carrying handcuffs in my purse and if she doesn't cooperate we'll leave her in one of the dressing rooms.  Amanda immediately defended her by saying, "He'll cooperate".  Thanks for all your help with this too.

Xiu still doesn't really get just how much leverage she's given me.  We've got so many pictures already and now I've got an email from her account begging us to make her over without any mention that it's even the slightest bit under duress. 

Bobby I don't have a read on the roommate yet.  I don't think they're particularly close, but I still don't think she'd approve of our project and it's a big risk.  However, when Jill started out she had to dress in front of a male roommate. There's no reason Xiu can't do the same in front of a female one.  I wish I knew anything about her.

Today won't be the day as both Cindy and Jill are off.  However, I definitely intend to have her shop at Cindy's store when she's there and can take advantage of her discount while adding to her commission.  That's a definite. Having Jill wait on her is a plus too of course.

Before Xiu becomes totally feminized, I think it's time for Amber to make her move.   We thought dating Xiu in male form would be great dating experience for Amber.   Well, we're off to shop.  Of course I'll post pics and details.


  1. This blogosphere sooo exciting. Keep it up
    mistresses! Bill

  2. It's just amazing that that is guy. Bill

  3. She is sooo cute, and I am sure you girls will have a fun day at the mall, how ever I kinda miss hearing from Amber, Cindy and Jill how thy feal after have been made in to cute girls after a wile, to know how thy feal about it now, vs. when it first started.

  4. you got her by the "balls" way to go girls another sissy well caught