Thursday, October 7, 2010

Xiu's Big Day

Xiu is slowly, but steadily realizing just how trapped she is. I must say she's been slower on the uptake than either Amber or Cindy. Amber found out about the other blogs right away. Xiu hasn't even figured out why we keep taking pictures of her yet. Things are very tricky with Xiu. She has a female housemate, which seems to be more a financial arrangement then anything else. Several have commented on her eyebrows giving her away and we do need to neaten them, but we don't want to have her looks make it impossible for her to work as a guy (with female undergarments naturally).

One nice thing is that like Jill, Xiu comes from money. Her parents are both doctors and that means, they won't look too askew at their son taking out a few hundreds bucks and start wondering why. Keep mentioning to her that she'll be less embarrassed if she shops dressed up. I've been nicely offering to help her pass while Sheila has been laughing about how she's going to hold dresses up to her in the middle of the store when she's dressed as a boy. If we can take her shopping dressed, we can take her to the makeup counter, which is always a lot of fun.


  1. You've got her now. Just make sure that someone stays with her when she figures out that this is really long term. BE SAFE

  2. Tell her you're taking her to the makeup counter regardless of how she's dressed, and then she'll REALLY prefer to shop in girl mode. :)

  3. Mistresses,

    Has it occurred to you that this weekend might offer opportunities for a couple of really cool photos? One would be of Xiu making her purchase from Cindy at her store. The other would show you all having lunch at Jill's restaurant, with your highly accomplished waitress taking or serving your orders.

    Even if she won't send that email you want, maybe you could let Xiu remain dressed after her first purchase. Wouldn't she have suffered enough embarrassment by then? Making her switch back and forth between male and female mode all day may impose more stress than she can handle.



  4. As I recall you had Cindy leave a trail of breadcrumbs for Amber and someone had to point them out. We never did hear the details regarding Cindy. Xiu is smoking hot right of the box. Have you got a read on the roommate? Things would be much simpler if she was aware and cool with your project.

  5. It sounds like Xiu gave in and "begged" to be dressed up for the shopping trip. I know we all can't wait to hear how it went. Have fun!