Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Impromptu Photo Session

We had an impromptu photo session with our two girls tonight and had them do some modeling together at my friend Michelle's sorority house. It gave us a chance to get some clothes that fit Cindy as she's a bit tall for some of our stuff and it gave us a chance to pose them together. It also really embarrassed Cindy and Jill as they were constantly worried about who would see them. Our main goal for Cindy right now is a lot of pictures in a lot of different outfits and locations so that if we say she's been dressing up since before we even met her, she'll be completely unable to deny it.


  1. Cindy and Jill so soooo cute together. Especially in matching outfits.
    Looking forward to seeing them out and around campus together.
    Have they kissed yet? Might be quite a wonderful experience for them. Lipstick on lipstick. Would love to see a photo of that.

  2. They look so cute together, but though Jill seems really happy, for some reason Cindy seems miserable!
    It may be better if Cindy smiled more, and looked like she was enjoying herself. I know I’ve asked about Cindy doing a blog, but another thought also came to mind, have you considered getting her to document her adventures as a podcast?
    If nothing else it could be worth at least teasing her with!
    Keep up the good work.

  3. please!!!!!! make them kiss! Also, if you realy want to humiliate them, have the two of them give foot rubs to other guys