Monday, February 15, 2010


As you may have read over on Jill's blog,   Her Valentines Day date was a boy in one of her classes named Scott.   Scott for lack of a better word is a dick.  One of the reasons, we had Jill start flirting with him is because of the humiliation factor of it.  Well, last night one thing lead to another and we found it necessary to give Scott the treatment.  We reasoned that since it worked on one dick why not another.

Now, that's a rather blitzed Scott.   This is the new improved Scott, who we are now calling Cindy:
He seems incapable of believing that a) He is recognizable or that b) People won't automatically think he is tied up and under duress simply because his hands are behind his back.   Anyway, he's screwed and we know he's screwed, but this is something that needs to be pointed out to him.   Feel free to email Cindy at and let her know that she seems to be perfectly happy and very pretty in her red dress.


  1. she looks pretty happy to me!

  2. I love it.... Will Jill have a new sister? What are you going to rename Scott? May I suggest Katherine for a name?

  3. She looks happy to me, and so cute too!

    Susan x

  4. I think Cindy (nee Scott) needs a web page to document the discovery of her new identity.... When will she have one?

  5. Too bad you're not in Houston. I know a sissy that needs a good makeover. Sadly, she'd never look quite so pretty!