Saturday, February 20, 2010

He Will Be a Real Cutie

He's going to be extremely pretty when we're done with him. We made him model several outfits last night and you could definitely see it. We dropped him off in his dorm room in the white dress in that photo at about 3AM. This morning, he is probably wondering how to get his finger nails unpainted. He whined a lot, but in the end was completely compliant. We made Jill help him shave his legs and then we were teasing them through the bathroom door about what was taking them so long. They emerged each with silky smooth legs and bright red blushing faces.


  1. Cindy looks really happy. It's also going to be nice for Jill to have a sister, who she can help and share things with. Is there a plan for Cindy to start her own blog in the future?

  2. Hopefully Cindy will be just as pretty as Jill is ~~ sissy pansy

  3. I have to admit, she does look very pretty. I'd have to say the possibilities are wide open