Tuesday, August 24, 2010


CR and actually everybody had some wonderful suggestions for competitions.  We will be doing an America's Top Sissy contest after we get all the rules worked out.  We have always slutted the girls up from time to time, but we still expect them to be ladies just as we always have. 

We're starting to really get a good look at what we have to do to update the website.  There's a lot needed.  Even Amber's blog doesn't have a link.  We'll start working hard on this soon.

As for getting a new sissy, Amanda is against it, but I think I have Heather and Karen won over.  The target I have in mind would be interesting, I think he'd turn out great and he's really already trapped if I want to push it.  He's a TA that did some very unethical things last year.  I love all our sissies, but I don't want to do anything their girlfriends wouldn't approve of.  Having a sissy of our own means that we wouldn't have to worry about that.  


  1. It would be interesting to see a new sissy, with experienced gathered by the girls used in the process.
    Please keep up the good work.

  2. Mistresses,

    As for your competitions, my suggestion is to reward the sissy earning the best grades. Last year you set very high academic expectations for Jill, which presumably paid off. This year, I hope you will insist on a high level of scholarship on the part of all three of your charges, and will set excellent examples yourselves. As Mss Kristine and Colleen said on their blog, you're crazy if you don't! A strong college transcript will open doors for you for the rest of your lives.

    I hope I don't sound too much like your parents!

    BTW, I recall Ms Amanda was majoring in Sociology; still true? It would be interesting to know all of your major fields, Mistresses and sissies alike.



  3. There was a comment about how wonderful it is
    that the sissies are getting to experience this.
    How about making this part of a college course?
    There must be some course in women's studies that
    this could be made part of. The females get
    credit for taking a guy and being his mistress.
    Saying with those words makes it unlikely to be
    accepted but you can think of something better.

  4. Ok, we've got 7 Ladies, 3 sissies, and 6 blogs. All that and the last entry is a week old. I'm checking back all the time, hoping for updates, but nothing. You're killing me here. C'mon, something has HAD to be going on. Nobody has ANY time to do an update for us? You've gotten us hooked, don't deny us our fix. LGB

  5. I just spent a really long time reading every single blog from beginning to finish... I am in love.. jealous that I am not one of your sissies, and cannot wait to read more!!!