Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Three Lovely Bridesmaids

Don't get too excited.   These aren't the dresses for Wendy's wedding.  Who says you can't find a use for old bridesmaid dresses though.   Things are going great, but we're very busy.   Keep in mind that with all three sissies having a girlfriend at school now they don't have quite as much time as they did over summer, but we're going to make sure they update a bit more regularly.  I'm so excited that Cindy has got her job.  The sissies are under the impression that we are trying to humiliate them with the choice of work.   That's not really true.  Cindy will emerge from this experience much more feminine plus she gets a discount.  It just kind of defeats the purpose for them to take jobs where they can't dress up pretty.


  1. Hi!

    I discover your blog recently today and I'm totally shocked out with the awesome work you are developing with your cute sissies!

    I've been trapped unable to do nothing but read it from the beginning to today floating in a kind of desire dream of become one of your sis...

    I love the way you re-educate those male brains to be better than the grown natural social male role could reach by itself.

    I'm totally amazed, surrender to your project and my soul crying for the improbable possibility that one day I could join you.

    Anyway, and just in case you find it useful I give you a interesting web where you can find some amazing things that get the sissies deeper in the fem look and so on in the fem feelings.

    Thanks She-She, Heather, Amanda and Karen and keep on going with this lovely project to make the world a better place to dream on.


  2. I agree that the girls should not feel that they are being humiliated. What I thought you were doing was feminizing them and making them submit to female authority. It is only the last bit of their male egos that finds that humiliating. Keep on helping them find their inner girl

    How about enrolling them in belly dancing class? Belly dancing is a real skill and the women who do it are proud of themselves. The girls should have no reason to feel they are being humiliated.

    Wouldn’t having them perform be an excellent way to introduce them to their escorts at Wendy’s wedding? Maybe they could be the entertainment at the bachelor party or the shower.

    It sounds as if Amber is trying to convince her mistress that she is worth keeping. Perhaps some boudoir dancing would give her the chance to show off her assets.

  3. Jill said in her last blog, that You Ladies wanted the sissies to post more frequently. It doesn't seem that your suggestion is being followed. Maybe some sort of punishment is in order? Pictures of said punishment would be cool too. Just thinking out loud. Lgb

  4. Mistresses,

    Unlike Lgb, I am no fan of punishment photos. I much prefer photos showing one or more of the sissies succeeding in the feminine role, having a good time or even just doing something ordinary. Cindy's recent photo doing her nails comes to mind, and Jill's photo from last year sitting on the floor studying intently. I like Amber's recent photo leaning against the wall and looking introspective. I especially like the group shot of Jill with three Mistresses from your Las Vegas trip!

    As a suggestion, it would be nice to see photos of Jill and Cindy working at their jobs.

    As for the comment suggesting belly dancing lessons, you had better be sure it's even safe for them. It's well established that belly dancing is an excellent form of exercise for women, but for all the feminine behavior they've learned, your sissies still have male bodies that are less flexible than those of genetic women. You don't want one of them to throw her back out! I don't really know, but please just look into that if you decide to have them try belly dancing.