Monday, September 27, 2010

Greatest Gift I Ever Got

So I got back from my morning class at 9:30 to an empty place except for a note on the door wishing me a Happy Birthday.   I was a bit alarmed since today isn't my birthday.  I opened the door to see a Chinese girl tied to a chair in the middle of the room.  I'm more than a little confused, but with all the bondage we've been practicing lately, I wasn't really alarmed.  As I got closer, I realized just who this Asian beauty bound before me was--Roger, a TA who by now is a legend for hitting on girls and trying to use his power over them to get them to go out with him.

As I looked at the card, it was signed Colleen, Kristine, and Susan.   This is probably the nicest gift I have ever received.   Roger and I had a lovely conversation and I think he may very well become the newest filly in our little stable, but it remains to be seen.  He still seems quite uncooperative.  Then again that's some of the fun.   He has plenty of reason to behave too.  I frankly have no idea how they arranged the capture, but I'm dying to hear.  He wasn't very up front about what happened even after I took the tape off his mouth.  They enclosed a few pictures so if you'd like a better view en femme, here you go.  He's Chinese American and very petite for a guy.   I may go with a Chinese name.  I like Jiao which means delicate or lovely.  I may do an American name, but that's all a bit in the future.  Now, I have to get permission to keep him first :).  It would definitely be fun having a sissy of my own.


  1. OMG, this is soo cool. It sounds like you captured one that really deserves it. Using his
    power as a TA. But how did they get the pictures? In a nurses uniform with pantyhose?
    Fantastic! How does he explain that? You guys keep reaching new heights!!
    - Bill

  2. I told my wife you all had captured another one.
    She says that just can't be possible and this
    must be fiction. How can I convince her?


  3. Could you be biting off more than you can chew, trying to take a TA as far down the feminization road as Jill, Cindy, and Amber have gone? Between teaching, his own coursework, and (probably) research responsibilities as well, how can you expect him to put in the time that your three sissies did to get where they are now? And you might consider that this TA is automatically part of a small social circle, namely the other TA's in his department. Almost certainly, he has an office in that department's spaces, spends most of his time in and near it, and attends small classes with pretty much the same graduate students. He can't possibly show up anywhere near there as a girl without being noticed. Unless you think you can get him to just "come out" to his department as having transgender aspirations or something like that, you might find you're trying to achieve the impossible in his case. I worry what might happen if you press him too hard.



  4. Congrats on your very owen sissy, I hope you enjoy her. She will be very lucky to have you.


  5. If you had enough mistresses, could you sissify
    every male less than 5ft 7 at the school. Its
    starting to look like it. They better put their
    heels on now!


  6. Happy Birthday! What a perfect present. A new sissy just for You. Hope You get to have a lot of fun with her. LGB

  7. Happy B-day! Quite the "stable" you amigas are assembling; it sounds as if you are getting close to being able to found a new sorority. Very impressive. Oh and the sexy nurse outfit with the boots is great!