Sunday, September 26, 2010

A New Contest - Karaoke

The thing I've noticed about college--not just here mind you--but everywhere is that professors tend to follow very similar calendars when they produce their syllabus.  What that means is papers, tests, and in general work fall at the exact same time in any semester.  This past week, we got hit hard. Hopefully, you'll see more posts as we clear this first hurdle. 

We did have time for our second big sissy contest, which was won by Cindy with a stunning rendition of Like a Virgin at a local karaoke night.   She beat out Amber's Man I Feel Like a Woman and Jill's California Gurls.   Cindy didn't have a better voice than Amber and only a little better than Jill, but her choreography was top notch and she always seemed comfortable and happy while performing. After two competitions the score is Cindy 5, Jill 4, Amber 3. 

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