Tuesday, September 28, 2010


OK Sheila has her new toy and dressing her up for some new photos today, I have to admit it was pretty fun. Maybe it's because of her Chinese features, but she really feminizes easily and she's so slender. she's going to turn out pretty well from the get go. Her feet are small enough to wear my shoes, but actually I'll probably be borrowing the fabulous heels she buys rather than her borrowing my flats. The fact she deserves it makes it more fun too. I understand some of the worries that were expressed in the comments, but we haven't taken her anyway near that far. We'll deal with problems as they come. Some of the problems you mentioned are way off.

My problem is I've never dealt with a Chinese guy before. Any Chinese crossdressers out there that can help? I don't know how to handle the shape of her eyes, what colors to use for makeup or pantyhose, or a good girl's name and Sheila is more clueless than I am. Help us out please.


  1. 1. For a name - consider "Lily"
    2. Slowly start Lily off - make sure she is wearing female undergarments at all times, and then all outer garments be selected from women's stores but may impersonate male garb (only for a couple of weeks). (Make sure everything buttons on the left, and that she uses a small bag....)
    3. Get her used to painting toe nails.... (Graduate to finger nails after a couple of weeks.)

  2. call her Yu Wu it means slut girl in chinese

  3. The outfit she is wearing on the stairs is very
    cute and in fashion. Great job again.