Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Keeping the Home Fires Burning

Wow, what poor communication on our parts. The school year will be starting for us very soon. A money saving trick that a lot of us use is to get an apartment lease through August 1 instead of September 1 and then go visit the parents and avoid paying double rent for August. There is a lot of new news. I'll try and give you the highlights of what I heard and what I learned.

Mistresses Retreat - We took 3 days together at a cottage to party, drink heavily, relax and discuss plans for the sissies moving forward. All the mistresses were there including our mistresses in training Colleen and Kristine. We agreed three sissies is plenty for now and that isn't likely to change. We agreed that the three of them would move in together in a slightly larger place. We agreed that Cindy is ready for a job, but that Amber isn't ready to go to class en femme yet. She's very close though and we will be giving her plenty of incentive.

Jill - Big news, I'll let her tell you about, but her family knows a little about her experimenting with crossdressing and they are supportive. They don't know the full extent, but they handled it really cool. I think I like them.

Cindy - The chastity belt returned from Germany and is working much better. She is locked away. At this time we will not be doing this to Amber or Jill. Cindy's family really likes Colleen and that takes away some of the worry about his more feminized appearance. She did have to give up the silk nails before going home, much to Wendy's disappointment.

Amber - Amber isn't ready to pass yet, but that's mostly a voice issue. Her mannerisms are getting more feminine and she still is resisting, but she is getting more cooperative.

Me - Stuck here because of my job. I miss my folks, but I really miss my puppy. People will be returning soon, beginning with Amber this week. I wish I could have gone home with her. No telling what bad habits she picked up.


  1. Hi Susie....Well at least someone is working. :) I was getting worried since there have been 'zero posts' in a long time. Glad to hear that 'we' still have three (3) sissies and that there will be more news forthcoming soon...hopefully very soon.

    I am very interested in learning details of the "Mistresses Summit" and what decisions have been made. Frankly, I am sorry to hear that Cindy is "back in the chastity belt." I would hate to be 'locked away.'

    And, finally cannot wait for the 'new Mistresses' Colleen and Kristeen to start posting.

    Thanks for the update.

  2. Ms Susan,

    It's exciting to read that this "social experiment" is proceeding boldly forward. It's so hard to imagine how you and the other Mistresses can continue to pull this off so well.

    It's obviously Amber on the left in that photo you included in this post, but I can't recognize the maid on the right as either Jill or Cindy. Would you please explain who she is?



  3. What cute maids. Is Amber working with Cindy? Is she cleaning up after boys? I think that Jill is so much further along because she is flirting with boys. What interaction does Amber have with boys that know she is a sissy?

  4. Hi,

    I love this blog :) I was wondering if you could tell me more about the chastity belt from Germany?

    What kind is it? How effective is it? How secure is it? What is the website? Is there any accessories for and did you get any?

    My Mistress is very interseted in this and would love any tips on kepping a sissy chaste.

    Thanks so much,


    Oh and keep up the great work.