Thursday, August 19, 2010

Interesting Suggestions

So Amanda decided to ask some questions and she got some very interesting replies.  First, some are just too extreme.  However, I think we have the beginning of an awesome competition shaping up.  I like this very much!!  Also, the Disney Princess isn't for room decorating, although having a pillow or something would be sweet.  Let's see--here are some ideas for the sissy competition:

"Have an ongoing series. Let them earn points in different categories. Some that have to do with boys (best kisser, most dates with the same boy, things like that) Bonus points for specific accomplishments (first to ride on the back of a boy’s motorcycle, the first to get a boy to lend her a shirt or jacket). Other categories could be skill related (best cook, sew their own costumes for Halloween, learn a traditional feminine skill like knitting) Have them volunteer to type or file for some charity-points for hours.
Most overall points wins something big – like a weekend trip somewhere with a date. Let them win something smaller for each category and they all have to earn a minimum number of points so they all help the last one over the finish line."

This is awesome!!

who could collect the most phone numbers from boys at a crowded party/bar, lingerie wrestling matches against each other, a simulated female orgasm contest (ideally filmed and recorded). If you want to go more extreme, the erotic dancing ideas sound fun to watch, or perhaps a simulated blow job contest (performed on dildos...presumably).
Some really good ideas here too.  

2-A lap dancing contest. If some of your guy friends want to be on the receiving end all the better.

If we can get some of our guy friends in on this, I think it'd be a keeper.

So what do you guys think?  Any other competition ideas.  This is really shaping into a fun competition.  I like things like this because the sissies wanting to win, will try much harder than in we simply make them do something and they go through the motions.   

I really think we're going to want to add one more sissy.  Jill, Cindy, and Amber all have a primary mistress now.  We're all happy to help, but we need one where we are in charge.  I have a candidate too and an easy way to get him into dresses too.   We'll see.  I'm hearing from some of the others that 4 is too many, but I really want at least one sissy totally under our control.

Finally, Colleen and Kristine have their blog up.  I'll post a link to it in our blogroll. 


  1. First of all, Jill looks great in this pic- are the bangs a new hairstyle for her? Seeing her in a dance costume makes me wonder if the girls would have the time to enroll in a ballroom dance class. Ideally, each would take the class with a male partner who knows they're sissies. You could have dance competitions every few weeks as they learn different dances.

  2. great ideas. be wonderful to see some videos as well!

  3. OK 2 sissies 4 mistresses, 4 sissies 7 mistresses. 3 of the sissies already trained. I don't see a problem with 4. I want to know what prize will motivate your sissies.

  4. Jill looks great in that pic; I wondered why we didn't see more corsets on the sissies. I know they are expensive, but they dramatically change the shape and feminize the body, not to mention work as a means of discipline/punishment.

    Anyway, here are a few more ideas for the competitions:
    -have the sissies play 'Twister', dressed in bikinis or lingerie, possibly oiled; if you could throw in an unsuspecting guy or two to participate, even better.
    -pop quizes on girly issues (gossip, makeup, chick flicks and music, the latest in Cosmo, etc.); the winner gets a full body massage (given by the other sissies, dressed in some hot, scanty outfits)
    -with a small limit ($25?), have the sissies buy complete outfits for themselves at a local thrift shop; the one with the best (sluttiest?) outfit at the end wins.
    -have them do each other's makeup and select each other's outfits, the one who organizes the best (most embarrassing?) girly image wins. The losers have to continue to wear their outfits.
    -tie/chain them together in a way so that they have to work together in order to escape (with maybe 3 different keys scattered around)---but not before lots of rolling around and struggling to get the keys
    -strip poker (down to panties and bra, perhaps); the first one out has to massage (and kiss) the feet of the other two and when one sissy finally wins, the other two have to massage the winner.
    -before going out for the evening, whoever wears the skimpiest/most revealing outfit wins and gets to change, the other two have to go out in what they wore for the contest.

    Another new sissy would be interesting (as always); given your success so far, I can understand wanting one under your direct control. Soon you amigas might actually have enough sissies to start your own sorority!

  5. How about Flirty Girl Fitness DVDs? They could learn pole dancing and booty shaking. Sounds like two contests right there.

    I love the balerina (sp?) outfits. I think cheerleader (matching of course) would be great too. They could make up cheers about being sissy.

    On mean or nice, I think you've been as mean as you have had to be, and as nice as possible while still being in control. You're doing a great job, keep it up.

    Princesses, on the other hand, I'm not so sure about. Cinderella with her glass slipper (or Ambers clear heels), or Ariel trying to find her voice. I've always thought Sleeping Beauty never really gets the attention she deserves. Of course Belle, the reluctant beauty. I just don't know where to go with this one.


  6. Ms Sheila,

    Your attitude just floors me! As much as to say, "Hmmmm, both of our sissies have committed themselves to our friends Mss Kristine and Colleen. Wouldn't want to stand in the way of their happiness! Guess we'll just select another red-blooded guy to transform into a sissy."

    Really! Do you think you can manipulate ANY guy into this, or do you employ some sort of selection procedure to select a likely candidate? Would you consider a guy who has transsexual desires he is afraid to pursue alone, or would that be cheating in your eyes?



  7. Someone should mention to Colleen and Kristine that their blog will receive far more comments if they allow for 'Anonymous' and/or 'Name/URL' options for their commenters profiles (instead of just 'Google Account', 'AIM', etc.).

  8. How about spin the bottle? Boys get to re-spin until they get a girl. Girls kiss everyone.
    Boys can take the girls into another room for a makeout session
    If the boys pick the winner, let's see what the girls are willing to do to win.
    I can see Jill with a big hickey and bigger grin.