Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Odds and Ends

I hope you like pictures of Amber because that's all I really have on my hard drive. The other maid with Amber in the previous picture was Cindy--somebody had asked.

One comment I read, which I'm leaving unposted for the others said, that we despised the sissies when they were men. That's really not true. Speaking for me, Amber was my boyfriend and even though he admittedly had some character flaws and a roving eye, I still cared enough about him to want to do this. If I despised him, when I put him in the dress, I would have duct taped him to the big statue in the middle of campus ala Veronica Mars (Great show by the way).

I can't speak for the other mistresses, but before I became involved I read all the blogs from start to finish and I have had a chance to see how things with the sissies and mistresses are now. Jill was just a freshman who thought she was God's gift to women and to the university in general. They put him in a dress to take him down a peg and were shocked how much fun they had and realized they could keep doing it. He was an annoyance, but I don't think they despised him. Cindy was more convenient than anything. They really only saw him in one class I think, but being smitten with Jill is what got him turned.

We do root for our girls and they have grown from the experience. I have thought a bit about how things will be with Amber and I, if we do eventually get married. I will not be keeping her in dresses 24/7. However, there will be a few outfits, a paddle, and some sturdy, but soft clothesline for those moments when she forgets who wears the pants and who wears the pantyhose in this relationship.

Finally, the mistress summit was more than anything just a girls night extended over a couple of days. We did discuss things this year. One thing that we discussed, I could definitely see them taking another sissy at sometime just because they are losing some control over Jill and Cindy to Kristine and Colleen. They also know that four sissies is a lot of work so we'll see. I think we may get the sissies matching sorority sweaters if they're living together. Anybody have any ideas? There already is a Sigma Iota Sigma.


  1. have them rush even if they dont initiate...what a girly experience

  2. Ms Susan,

    Thank you for that explanation, and I am just as happy not to see my previous comment posted if it expressed assumptions that were false, and hurtful. Please be assured that was not my intent. And yes, I can see that you must have cared enough about Tom to reform him into Amber rather than just dump him in some humiliating fashion.

    I confess to being fascinated by this whole enterprise of yours and the other Mistresses. Yes, and envious of your sissies!



  3. I think it is wonderful that these guys are getting to experience this
    An oppurtunity to learn and experience so much
    I think it is a very worthwile experiment

  4. Don't you worry Miss Suzie, I'm loving the pics of Amber. The more the merrier. I also love how the other Ladies busted Amber. Granted, she should have known better. Its too bad you Ladies can't put together a video of the sissies using actual video, and not just pictures strung together. LGB