Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Amber Video

Sheila and Amanda aren't thrilled with the video because of the software they used, but I think it's awesome. I think it's great that Amber gets to be a video vixen now too.


  1. Amber,

    I love the video, but would like to see many of those photos on your site as I adore a lot of your clothes. You're beautiful.....Dania

  2. Sheila and Amanda are obviously perfectionists, because this is awesome. The very last shot of Amber in her red outfit, heels, etc. is particularly hot. The bunny suit is also great, though it would be even better to see her in more of the classic, Playboy-esque bodysuit rather than a bunny-dress. But it's all good, and congrats to all of the amigas for their efforts; Amber is now a video vixen indeed.

  3. Hi Susie....
    I loved the video. I am not sure what the software issue was that concerned Sheila and Amanda. I also enjoyed seeing "new photos' of Amber that have never been seen before. Keep the posts coming. :)

  4. i hope you update the sissy website soon... more pics would be awesome! keep up the good work ladies!

  5. Where are you sissies? We miss hearing about you experiences. Plase continue posting.

    Love you.

  6. Love the video. Hate the wait between updates. Cindy hasn't updated in three weeks. Sex and the Sissy hasn't updated since the end of May. Jill, Amber, and You Ladies are a full week down the road since update. The wait is killing me. How are things going? Whats going on? C'mon Ladies, spill. LGB

  7. Any New Info on how the sissies are doing?

  8. Ms Amanda,

    May I address a few questions specifically to you, the Sociology major? As this "social experiment" of yours approaches its anniversary, I'm wondering if you would tell us something of what you think you have learned. I'll admit to being astonished at your three-for-three record in bona-fide forced feminization of these guys, who had no tendencies in that direction. I'll also admit to being envious, which came as a bit of a surprise to me. I've wanted to change sex surgically ever since I first learned it was possible, though never went through with it. But the lot of the sissy never seemed attractive. They are usually portrayed as being despised, degraded, and violated.

    Then along comes your blog and those of your sissies. You and your "amigas" seem to delight in ruling their lives strictly and are quite willing to thrust them into embarrassing situations, and find it fun to do so. But you also seem to want them to rise to the occasion and learn to enjoy becoming feminine to the point of passing in public and basically living as women-in-training. Of course some would say that female authority over a man is degrading it itself, but I am far from alone in rejecting that notion. Should feminization be regarded as degrading? Not in my book, considering the opportunity it presents to gain a rare perspective on the other (and higher) side of humanity.

    I know you despised the guys they were, and I can see why. But how do you feel about them now? Jill, especially, has made a number of remarks in her blog that suggest she is really learning from this. Dare I ask if you actually like her now? Is she good company, or still just a project in your eyes?

    As I recently commented to Jill, I hope you are keeping a good diary in greater detail than this blog of yours, because one day you are going to be able to write an awfully good book about this. Maybe you could collaborate with Jill on it, assuming she will even be on speaking terms with you once you and your "amigas" decide to release her. You know that day will have to come eventually. Somehow, my guess is that she'll go back to being Bill, but will nevertheless get along with you well enough.

    Do you appreciate questions like these, or are they maybe too pointed? I can think of more, if you're interested.



  9. Amber is amazing!!! :)