Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Most Humiliating

I had an interesting question about asked today about what the most humiliating thing we've ever done to the sissies. Hmm, I'd say the coming out party was probably the most embarrassing night. Finding out all those people knew their secrets and being the focus of such a party, had to be humiliating.
However, each sissy has their own humiliations and I think a lot of times they're small. Jill has confided that the most embarrassing moment for her was the first time she shaved her legs. She said it felt major and she was the one doing it to herself. I think Colleen has found far more humiliating things to do to Cindy than we ever have. Cindy had some public appearances when she really couldn't pass yet that I'm sure are up there for her. Amber's biggest humiliation is rather unique. She is most embarrassed by wearing things that Sue owned. They're not quite the same size, but some stuff fits including shoes--though Amber already has more heels than Sue does. That gives me a good idea for Amber's scent.


  1. These sissies are so lucky to have you, I'm not sure they even relaize it. I would have loved to have meet women like you when I was 20.

  2. I am feeling a little sorry for Jill. She is your "first born" sissy and had to go through the most. Yet the newbies are discovering the joy of servicing a special domme in a more intimate way while your flagship sissy seems to still be on her maiden voyage..

  3. Mss Sheila, Amanda, Heather, and Karen,

    May I be permitted to express a little bit of concern about Ms Colleen's treatment of Cindy? I wonder if that bit about the vibrating butt plug goes beyond "The Proper Care" of your sissies. In spite of your strict training regimen and breathtaking boldness, what I have found so touching is that you look out for your sissies, even strive make sure they are enjoying life in the station you have placed them. You seem to actually like them, now that you have reformed their prior poor attitudes toward women. I'm sure you're aware that this about impossible to find elsewhere on the internet, and I'm glad you don't provide links to those sites that mainly display contempt for the sissy.

    So I ask you to consider where the line is between embarrassment for the sake of effective training, and degrading mistreatment. Ms Colleen probably doesn't mean to mistreat Cindy, most likely it was just a bit of youthful exuberance. I would just ask that you ensure that the junior Mistresses respect your standards.