Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sissy Bliss

We have some big plans to get some nice photos of the 3 sissies together, but here's a little sampling of what's to come.  I'm really excited to see them as bridesmaids.  I don't think they have any idea what they're in for.  It's more than a one day thing.    I really love Colleen's girlie points idea and I think it may be something to use on Amber and Jill as well.   It's fun watching Cindy try and find ways to be more feminine.  Amber has sort of reached an impasse this week.  She does what we tell her, but she's not putting the extra work in that she needs to do if she's going to be passable.  She certainly is good looking enough, but as soon as she moves or talks she will give herself away.


  1. just read Amber's blog... She and Cindy were the only ones in costume when she was dressed as the Material Girl with her "boy toy" belt? Well done!

  2. Jill should not need "Girlie Points" as Amber and Cindy need.... After a year of being docile and working hard on her presentation, Jill's reward should be to enjoy her femininity without excessive restraint. (Even good girls play with themselves - why shouldn't Jill have earned that right after a school year?)

    The big question is.... Are Cindy and Amber doing as well at their stages of femininization as Jill did at the same timeframe?

  3. Mss Sheila, Amanda, Heather, & Karen,

    This is certainly a nice group photo, but the one that grabbed my attention appears in Cindy's July12 posting at her website. Of course Cindy looks very pretty there, but doesn't Jill really stand out in her own subtle way? She's not just pretty, she looks so composed, like just the nicest young lady you'd ever want to meet. I've gone back to it a few times wondering what makes her look so special, and today it occurred to me that she may be starting to display that wonderful feminine quality we call poise. Would you say she is truly developing her own genuine feminine personality under your guidance?



  4. Suggestion -

    Until Amber and Cindy are both out working in female mode (and preferably in skirt outfits or dresses), they should both be in chastity restraints. That'll keep them very interested in improving their female presentations....

  5. Chello!

    ~sigh~ i wish had someone taking good care of me like this....