Friday, July 23, 2010

The Newest Video

Colleen is having fun with Cindy. Kristine is just plain having fun, but I don't hear Jill complaining about it. Our effort lately has been with getting Amber in line. The more I get to know Amber, the more I find her attitude a lot like Jill's. Cindy was resistant about the same from day one. She was kind of smooth and steady. With Colleen here, even that resistance is fading a bit. Jill was more fits and starts. She'd fight you on something and then you'd be ready for the next big fight and she'd go along with you. That's how Amber is. Unfortunately, for her video we don't have access to Pinnacle over Summer which is what we usually use. We're trying to make do with Microsoft's free movie maker. It's a lot simpler than Pinnacle, but it also can't do as much and we'd gotten really good at Pinnacle. I always liked to use Pinnacle to zoom in on a good leg shot of the sissies, but there are very limited zoom controls on Movie Maker. I hope we'll have that up in a few days.


  1. It is interesting to hear about the differences/similarities between the sissies, and the new video will be greatly anticipated (I wish I had techno advice to offer).

    Also, a question: I was curious whether your (i.e., the 'amigas') relationships with other men has changed as a result of your experiences with the sissies? Do you look at your boyfriends differently now? The other men in your life? Just curious...

    Thanks and keep up the fascinating work.

  2. How can your earlier videos be accessed?

  3. Are you guys really becoming women?

  4. Mss Sheila, Amanda, Heather, and Karen,

    Jill's posting today makes me wonder if she needs a little appreciation from you. Do you still find it necessary to tie her up like that, or is that an older photo that she posted because that's how she feels right now? She's starting to sound glum.

    It seems to me that Jill is far advanced over Cindy and Amber, meaning no disrespect to them. Jill is actually working as a woman, relating to the public and her fellow employees as a woman. Is she not starting to "think as a woman", which was one of your original goals?

    Maybe she deserves an outing something like that trip to Las Vegas, which was the first time I noticed her writing about having fun with you Mistresses. I think you ought to take her out for a good time. Just her. Isn't part of being feminine being appreciated? Being made to feel special?

    Just a suggestion.



  5. I came across these blogs and read them all and i must comment so forgive me if its long or harsh but i don't mean to insult any one. It is amazing how feminine and passable you made those sissies become but u can't take all the credit. U c there is a big difference between a MAN and a male and those sissies were males but never MEN to begin with coz if they were men you would have no chance to feminize them. Im a 26 year old MAN from a midleastern country who many girls are happy to fall to their knees or lay on their backs before him, and that is just the proper relation between a MAN and his girl/s (universally), so if they were men you ladies would have happily did the same for them instead of being ordering them around as obedient slaves and feminizing them to their every move. It makes me wish i can meet you ladies along with your cute sissies just so u can appretiate manhood (but im sure u already do). By the way im almost like Bill/Jill both financially and physicaly such as hight and other body meaurments but as u can see im more of a MAN than a bodybuilber could be, and nothing could ever chang this which proves that evevn the physical aspects of your sissies have nothing to do with their lack of manhood in the first place coz being a man is a state of heart above everything. I apologize again an hope for a replay.


  6. Now that the sissies all have girl friends in town, are they still going to date boys? Maybe Jill could double date with Kristen.