Sunday, July 11, 2010

Something Big

Something big is coming and I think it will be amazing. It'll definitely have some elements of humiliation, but also a lot of femininity. The bad news is I'm sworn to secrecy. The good news is you'll find out very soon. Oh I hate keeping secrets :) We had an awesome time at a local festival. Had fun at 80s night last night with our new Material Girl. Life is good. I've enjoyed meeting Colleen and Kristine. They're going to be a lot of fun to have around next year.


  1. Finally somebody got around to using a camera with a decent resolution! Please no more postage stamp size photos! The picture looks great this way. Please more of those. I loved the pictures in Susan's red formal gown with the long black gloves, but evidently she did not wear her highest heels, otherwise her nice round tush would have been even more prominent. Can we have a higher resolution picture of her in that strapless coctail dress that is shown in her blog in the upper right hand corner - please? She looks so utterly feminine in this pose.
    You are doing great girls! It is wonderful to see three sissies properly trained. So far they all seem to accept more or less willingly what you are doing to/with them. Some day nobody will believe they were forced and everybody will see them as the genuine sissies they were destined to become. Congratulations!

  2. Oh, goody! A surprise! I can't wait to see what you ladies have cooked up for the sissies. The hints are juicy! I know the anticipation will be huge out here among your readers, not to mention among the sissies (if they know something is coming).

    Also, Amber looks great in the pic...not quite 'like a virgin', but very flirty. Was she hugely humiliated, or was it more of a costume party atmosphere? Great use of accessories with her outfit.

  3. i can hardly wait for the next update....