Monday, February 7, 2011

Is it Spring Yet?

The blizzard has hit us hard. We even lost power for a day and a half over the weekend. I am so ready for warmer weather. Xiu has settled down and I think she realizes that the only thing her defiance has earned her is being treated more strictly than the others. Colleen is ready to go get another sissy. One of the things that Xiu did was to let another TA in on what was going on. That TA had a great deal of power over us because Sheila, myself, and Kristine are all in classes with him. We had to call his bluff, but Colleen things since he put himself into this, it'd be safer and more fun to let him experience his own feminine side. I'm not sure that we want another difficult sissy while we have Xiu already to deal with so I don't think we'll be feminizing him. It was funny to see the look on his face though when we teased him about it. Other than Xiu, everybody is doing well. We had plans to do a football game on Super Bowl Sunday between sissies and mistresses, but there was just too much snow. Snow is fine, but snow higher than your knee is just too ridiculous.


  1. She is sooo pretty. Ment to be a pretty littel sissy.

  2. I'm surprised that Xiu is still being so difficult. Perhaps it's just overcompensation, especially after that encounter with Amber. That must have been a very intense emotional experience, just as it was when Amber had a similar encounter with Jill. There's bound to be some pushback after an event that erotic and challenging, but it's all turned out beautifully so far!

    It seems a little early to be sissifying yet another man, given how busy the current group must be keeping all of you. But given the mistresses' impressive track record, who am I to judge? Just another jealous reader. Keep up the good work!


  3. Just heard about a Thai airline that is hiring
    Ladyboy flight attendants. If this trend comes
    here, it's a job the sissies could get to stay
    as sissies. Here's the link.

  4. I would think the difference between Xiu and the other sissy's should be obvious. With the other three, the worst you can do is exclude them from your lives. Yea, you may have some "blackmail" photos of them dressing, but they ultimately chose to put those dresses on.

    Xiu is a different case though, isn't she? Xiu believes you have the power to take her job and possibly even her place to live. Such a thing could easily pass the legal definition of a "credible threat" making your actions subject to criminal and civil prosecution.

    In fact, I would think that making multiple blogs on the subject publically available would make a prosecutors job pretty easy.

    Xiu is just a power-trip for you....hardly worth the level of risk you've exposed yourself to.

    I would strongly recommend that you cut Roger free before he figures out that you stand to lose far more than he does.

  5. I found this Blog, and I have to say wow!! Awesome blog... and adventure for all of you!

    I have bookmarked it and will follow it.... and maybe one day i might sissify my boy friend :)

  6. I just came across your site today and I love what you've done. Most sites dealing with sissies are either sexual or degrading. I find your approach to be very loving and considerate of your girls and I just love the psychological tension you create.

    As long as I'm passing through I wanted to share something. If your girls haven't tried taping here is a very good illustration on how to. I tried this on my boyfriend once and it really works quite well.

    Aloha *:) Kathwyn

  7. I just found these blogs yesterday, but I am HOOKED. You girls have made the sissies look so good that I wish I was in your town. I'd love to be your new sissy. Xiu should be thanking you for what you've done to her.