Saturday, October 17, 2009

What's Going On?

Sorry to be so quiet here lately.   There are two reasons for it.  First, as much as I love reading Michelle and Kimberly's comments, it feels like there are only two people reading this blog.  That's made it a little hard to motivate myself to update.

Secondly, we've come to a crossroads.  We've taken Jill as far as we had originally intended.  The 4 of us really had to sit down and hash out what having a sissy means and what we want to do with her going forward.  I think we did that last night.  We know what we want to do with her and just as importantly what we don't want to do.

Believe me, she has not been sitting home in male clothes during our quiet time.  Her fanny padding arrived and she has become quite an attractive young woman.  We haven't made her talk to boys, but we have taken her out in public and guys seeing her have talked to her.  I think she's in for quite an interesting couple of months.


  1. I am still reading this blog with excitement, please keep us updated on whats going on!

  2. I'm sure there are plenty of people following this blog, just not posting.

    So what does having a sissy mean? What is it that you do and don't want to do with her going forward?


  3. Hi girls,
    I know what you mean when it comes to keeping a blog when it feels like you are just doing it for yourself but believe me we are all reading it and enjoying what you are doing. I think you have done well with Jill and looks great and would not mind dating her myself, we could have some lesbian fun or just be girlfriends. I do love looking at chosen clothing etc and wondering what it would feel like if someone picked it for me.
    Thanks again,

  4. Michelle and Kimberly are not the only ones following. I just don't post much - but I am following closely. What An Adorable Project !


  5. I wish I had known about this in real time, but I'm avidly catching up now.

    And enjoying every moment!