Sunday, November 8, 2009

Remember, you don't always get the whole story

I just wanted to remind you that you don't always get the whole story.  A few posters recently have commented that they wanted us to be very careful with Jill.  Believe me, we are and we will continue to be.   However, we can't share exactly what precautions are taken a lot of the time because there is no real effective way to stop her from peaking in on our updates.  Jill got a lot of experience flirting with guys over Halloween, but we had things very well in hand.


  1. awww, so thoughtful and wonderful!!


  2. Ok, I would be happy with some of the story but maybe the mystery is what keeps it all so intriguing. I think I know what you girls did but without going into detail, a picture speaks a thousand words. He is tentatively holding Jill but her body language and facial expression tell a different story. In other words, I'm not sure it took a lot to teach a fish about water.


  3. First of all "Bill" made a very fem and homely boy anyway. Did he really believe he could get laid like that?

    Jill however....IS HOT!

  4. I think Jill is SO lucky to have you all for his trainers. Things look fine from my perspective. I look forward to your continuing reports . . .

  5. hey my name is james i tried to make a account but it hated me lol just wanted to say i love this story please please keep it up i wish it were being done to me