Monday, June 6, 2011

The Update

Girls have moved in and our working on the place. They've been working hard since weekend and it's about done. Unfortunately, they still don't have DSL though that's supposed to be in on Thursday. They are for all intents and purposes living like 5 women (Jill is a special case and she's spending about half her time as Bill). However, since they've mostly been lifting, painting, and doing grunt work, they haven't been really girlie girls. The plan is for the housewarming party to be in 2 weeks. The one nice things is this is their home for a year. There will be no need to go through all this again. I have a ton of messages, I've read them in my email, but I need to go through them to post. I will do that within a day or two. Thanks to all of you for continuing to contribute so much even when there haven't been many updates. The gurls get a bit embarrassed by all the attention, but we on the other end of the things really appreciate it.


  1. Yippee. I was afraid things might be fading , I imagine this takes a lot of extra energy beyond 'just' going to a good school ...

    a little preview , like ' they're all going to be Girl mode nearly 24 / 7 all summer , maybe 50 % girl mode during semesters '... something like that. as many pics as possible , little identity captions. thanks.

    This is amazing to me. and not just me.
    best wishes Dolly

  2. I guess several of You are going on Jr / Sr years - formal type parties ... require formal Maids - high Quality Maids dresses , many colors : bridal satin ( VS 'polyester or nylon, and You know there is a diff.) AND / OR Velvet. Ive always wanted a velvet dress myself. and expensive corsets, think Dita -

    which of course requires expensive panties ... bridal satin & lace. gaff under.

    PS - I note the increase in racier events / posts - hand in anothers panty, dildos -- I hope that trend doesn't get more specific, I'm sure I'm in minority.

    but then, IF the Sissies are in full time Gurl mode - chastity is near essential. problem with all chastitys I've noticed - first - BULK - visual under snug skirts, bikinis .plus bulk makes sitting properly with legs crossed very difficult. and hygene. - I'd suggest a strict schedule , say every week or 2 weeks - sissy is taken to bathroom in lingerie , given 2 sets of hand cuffs for ankles / wrists. when securely locked up, sissy is given key to chastity for maximum of 5 min. for thorough cleaning / medical inspection. then immediately locked in place for another 2 weeks ... seems the CB 6000 S model might be best option, fairly cheap, secure , available but again, bulky.

    Love this adventure. Dolly

  3. WOW. just read this , What does it actually say ? combine with Jill's essay of last Feb. , I think something is being said.

    Yes , my most intense fantasy has happened right here. not for me, I'll never come close to 'passing' , but mentally ... Dolly

  4. Can't wait to hear from the gurls again, I figured they probably would have to wait to get internet installed into the house to post again without borrowing the Mistresses or using their cell phones. Anyway I was just wondering if the girls have gone through guacamole facial treatments and such since that is something I noticed we haven't seen in pictures, but I am sure you and the other Mistress are busy putting together wedding montage which we will be very much appreciated to see, it would have been something seeing all three girls walk down the isle with an escort and have to go through the gauntlet of wedding photos and questions, I bet it will be a night they never forget. It would be interesting if Cindy and Colleen's relationship turns to marriage what that wedding would be like, might be another fun assignment for the gurls is to have them all think about what their dream wedding would be, after all girls think of their wedding day from the time of their child hood.

    Anyway I will stop rambling and hope the gurls are enjoying their last few days of girly sissy freedom before they go back to dressing to the nines.


  5. they shouldn't be embarrassed, they are cute girls and are sharing a wonderful experience.



  6. sounds like it will be like an interesting House warming party, can't wait to hear all the details, I was wondering if dance lessons have started yet, and another type of dance lesson you might want to consider since the fourth of july is coming up and it is summer is some fun cowgirl line dancing for the girls in some high heeled boots and a cute flared cowgirl skirt and top, of course you could give them a choice of an evilier option in going in a pettioated country dance dress. Lol

    Take care with the gurls and enjoy the summer
    Can't wait to see the wedding pics and sissy house all newly decorated.


  7. Oh I had forgotten the other name of dancing similar to line dancing, you could give them choice either between square dancing or line dancing ;-). Such a nice little trick choice on them.

  8. Hi sorry, I know I'm overdoing the comments , I'm obsessed or something. strong longing ...
    I hope the Girls can post more often starting next week , and Yes I remember one of the Leading Ladies saying ' would You rather spend time blogging or playing with your sissy ? '

    maybe a once a week from each ,- that's not that much , how often did Jill post Her first 2 months , when also going thru the first semester of college shock --- sort of a brief diary with emphasis on how the Sissy feels / thinks at any particular time - maybe someone didn't practice their Fem skills and was punished, how did that feel, or being a maid at a party , curtsying etc ? - and answering the more interesting comments.
    are they all pretty much 24 /7 as girls , a year ago Jill was , Cindy almost ?

  9. sissy summer rules ? they are ? are they actually written & posted , inquiring minds want to know ... actually that would apply to in semester rules also. love this.

  10. Movie night at Sissy house : Dear Leading Ladies - permit me to highly recommend the Sissies ( and Yourselves) watch ' Kissing Jessica Stein' It's one of my top 3 or 4 , along with ( guy mode ) Alien / Aliens, etc. I don't know about finding as rental, it's only $5. @ amazon, well worth owning. Of course maybe everyone has already seen it.

    Not directly relating to this adventure, but there are like 100 phrases that apply. incidents like one of the stars being outed to Mom , in a much milder version of what Jill went thru ( any of the other girls outed to family ?? I was when I was in Jr high, thou it's never been explicitly brought up.)

    just watched movie again an hour ago .... dressed of course. I've spent a decent amount of $ since finding this site by some magic about 2 weeks ago. several new outfits - I love the style the stars wear in 'Kissing Jessica , and Heather J. is H O T - the stars wrote the screenplay as a grad school writing project I gather.
    PS I hope the Sissies are commanded to post often this summer - like say Jill & Cindy every Tuesday, Xiu Wednesdays , Amber & Katie on Thurs, the Leading Ladies when they wish ... note both Jill and Amber for example posted like 20 times each their first month

    Love , Love this adventure. Dolly

  11. cant wait to hear about all the sissy adventures... adventures in lingerie!!! hee hee!


  12. Hi She I know you girls love picking the outfits out for the sissies each day, however as a twist I have been seeing articles recently on yahoo about girls letting their dads and husbands pick out their outfits for a week, I was wondering what you thought about that idea for maybe the sissies in which you team each one up with a guy who then picks out their outfit for each day maybe both informal and formal and night wear for the day, and night and then the Mistresses can judge how well the sissies do pulling the outfits off.


  13. Amanda and Sheshe,
    Have the sissies check out this short video
    about Andrej Pejic. You can make money at this
    sissy business. - Bill

  14. Hi Shelia, I was wondering if you ever thought of signing up the girls for some drink mixing lessons for your parties, and when all you just get together. Might end up being very useful.


  15. suggestions :
    1. enforced OPEN mouth kiss -- ( an addition to the ' twister tie ? ) get 2 simple 20 " long leather straps ( dog collars ) for gags. connect the 2 in a loose X -- tie with thin cord , nylon fishing line , punch a hole thru each and connect with a small bolt ... Opportunity for experimentation !! -- from tying tightly together in ' X ' to leaving say 1 inch space , the severity could be changed. use the 2 straps to gag the Sissies. much drooling results , so medical considerations exist. 2 commercial ' ring gags' could be used to permit tongue action !

    2. Shibari bondage - The leading ladies in Sept '09 took great quick strides in their bondage skill , primarily hogtie / chair, both very well don, I've seen fetish bondage pics where the tying was not as well done. and You have shown soe inventiveness - the ' twister ty ' , the garage bondage of Amber & Jill last summer -- Shibari - basiclly , wrists pulled up between shoulder blades, easilly adjusted severity -- take a ten/ 12 ft rope, double over - place across center of back, then loop forward under arms , up. Loop behind neck , tie ends. this forms a basic , inescapable chest harness. then , another rope, maybe four ft - cross wrists behind & tie ( alternate position , forearms together parallel. ) pull up and tie to the behind neck rope. very safe , can be pulled very severe. a super secure hogtie position : tie the ankle rope to the neck rope , severity / bent angle of knees easily adjusted.

    3. I think I saw a Pic last summer of a Sissy -bikini'd Cindi ? on a large beach - great lake ?? everyone could rent a big fishing boat for a several hour / all day out on the water bikini experience. I actually did this several years ago with a woman friend , a group of about 30 ( after one of the ' Boston Fetish Fairs ' - large public pay entrance events with say 50 venders of fetish : porno movies , bondage equip , rubber dresses : in a large gymnasium )-- group rented an official tour boat for a 3 hour ride around Boston harbor - I wore a rubber bra top & matching mini skirt , under that frilly Sissy panties , under that locked in a full stainless steel chastity belt - for 5 years I had a woman friend who was OK with my Fem nature , I miss Her very dearly. We did maybe one % of Jills adventure. All presented asa a lark , somewhat different than Jill's amazing adventure.
    sorry for length. and I pledge not to post again at least until there are additional essays. Dolly

  16. Your Sissy's are doing TERRIBLE at posting recently. punish them mistresses

  17. Hi Sheila,

    Great site, just got finished reading through a bunch of the history of the girls and I have to say what an improvement. I am sure the Mistresses are having another fun summer with two new additions from last summer, and I can't wait to here about more of the adventures that you have for the girls.

    Have you ever thought of holding a Murder mystery party for your friends and the gurls taking of course the girl parts and in full costume? Also another fun contest could be not necessarily between the gurls but the Mistresses in helping the sissies build team work skills.. The game: have all the sissies group together, and get each Mistress to practice the knot tieing skills with all the sissies in one group, the Mistress whose knot takes the longest to get untied wins.

    You probably have put your foot down on 5 sissies like I read earlier especially with Katie only a few months into her training, however I was wondering if Heather would or Karen would ever want their own sissy as it seems Amber seems to be the fifth wheel in a lot of activities and without a dedicated bff or partner?

    Also I was wondering since you and the Mistress have gotten a reputation around your friends for feminization if you have noticed any acquaintances or other guy friends that maybe would like to try the feminine lifestyle out, but have been too shy to ask?


  18. Amanda,

    Been waiting months to see photos of the gurls in the bridesmaids dresses....

  19. Sheila, Amanda,
    Please, please we want more pictures. Surely
    there are pictures of the bridesmaids with no
    one else in the picture. No need for a bunch
    of text. We know you're busy. Running five
    sissies can be time consuming. But we're
    getting desperate! Bill

  20. Where are you all???

  21. Hi Sheila. hope all is well and you all are enjoying the summer. Just thought I'd see if you were interested in a couple of ideas for yourselves as well as the girls. One could be a Rocky Horror picture show night in costume and the other could be growling 30 or 60 day relationship challenges which could involve discussions tasks pictures etc that you. Or the girls can use to help improve the relationships. Oh have you ever thought of getting the girls pink sailor suits or poodle outfits for a 50s party?
    Anyway hope all is well can't wait to here how all is going.


  22. Its been almost a month, but I have to say this is the best picture of Xiu yet! Really really nice. Keep up the good work. Still waiting on those wedding pics.

  23. Any new updates?

  24. Please, please, just walk around Sissy House and shoot some random shots of the gurls. You know we would love it! At this point, we'll take about anything! Should I use more exclamation points? Bill

  25. Waiting to see the girls in their bridesmaid dresses.

  26. where is everybody?

  27. This is amazing!! I would love to be brought in and have my limits tested. I have worn panties and matching bras,to work, under my male clothes for a long time. I have never been able to go out fully dressed like a girl.

  28. Hi Sheila,

    I was wondering if Amber and Xiu had the following features disabled on their blogs, I am able to follow the other sissies ok, just couldn't find a follow link for those two girls. Hope you all are enjoying the summer. Can't wait to here what all adventures you are doing, have you thought of maybe holding a Hawaiian Party with the sissies dressed in Hula skirts and coconut bras, or even do a sissy obstacle course during a afternoon bbq party. Of course the
    luau might be more fun for a big welcome back
    party in august. I bet you can't believe the summer is already half over.

    Anyway, take care, we know you are all are enjoying your own lives, but it seems the Mistress side of the blog has gotten a lot quieter this year, than the number of posts from last year. Just thought I'd mention it,
    hope I am not coming across as a ungrateful for all the posts about Katie and Xiu so far, because we are enjoying hearing about their progress. Just thought I'd mention that it seems to be fewer than what was posted about the other gurls.

    Relax, Train, Get Pampered, and Repeat,
    sissy emily

  29. gawd, the suspense is killing me , and I imagine other ' wanna be's , voyers'
    it has been a month ... I'd LOVE to see a set like the Sissy's individual montages -' cosmo' mags inner pages :: for the Princess party ( totally under Your control) and move in , and of course the wedding, thou I recognize that is restricted. still, at least pics of everyone in their dress up mode, at home prepping would be great ( including Amigas )

    Has 'Sissy House' become super wonderfully intense - no posts, noting Jill posted some 20 times Her first month, intense training plus school !! Or , is the website becoming a drag ?? ( I just found this 6 weeks ago or so , so new posts for me are rare . sorry for the pun. 'drag')

    really sorry for this - What about Jill ?? SHE noted in an essay way back in Feb a ' long essay is coming' , I /we assume about Her situation , becoming less involved. nothing about that since; and Her story is just so totally amazing . I sometimes cry , real wet tears flow , reading the essays . Imagine - 11 months after being taken , She is modeling dresses for Her Mom . !!! and looking 100 % beautiful, a typical 20 year old college co ed. see the pic of Her in I guess a holiday sweater , sparkly white with silver ... Obviously Xiu is almost naturally beautiful ( what would 'Roger' say to that ? ) but Jill is amazing. and the Amigas in charge.

    again, very sorry , couldn't resist. PS - delete this , do NOT POST - --- IF You are more concerned about privacy , maybe as a result of one of my notes --- Have a couple Sissies put subtle misleading clues in their essays. Like , find a good department store , restaurant that's at least 200 miles from You , in a different state. casually write about being there.

    something like - have a Sissy say --' my boyfriend took me to my first baseball game , he bought me a team shirt and made me put it on in the Ladies room. Our team won 6 - 4 , and attending a game was a lot of fun. The next day the house had a party and I drew Maid duty, so it's been a busy weekend. ' note , You would have to be precise in the misleading aspect , actually look up a home game for say the Chicago Cubs , St. Louis , some team that is in reality pretty far from You. being subtle would be important -- I actually feel this is very important, putting in a couple misleading facts for YOUR safety. maybe it has already been done. like that maybe there is no 'Forever 21' store within 200 miles of your location. -- do NOT POST this section.

    if You've made it this far reading, thanks. Take care, best wishes , Love this adventure. Dolly

  30. Actually Sheila,

    As I just rethinking the sissy obstacle course idea, and with the summer olympics and try outs coming up, you could just do a full day, weekend, or even week of sissy olympics including a torch lighting ceremony, and and special sissy medals being awarded after each event with different prizes. Each sissy of course would have to choose their own national song and make a flag that would have to be raised while their sissy song played during the ceremony. It would allow for some great sportmanship and comradery between the gurls and the Mistresses. Then you can follow it up with some great bbq fun and relaxation.

    Sissy Emily

  31. Hello......anyone here...Is everyone on vacation ??????

  32. I don't remember if I suggested this before but the sissies should read everyday. It is a blog about males looking as feminine as possible. Today there was a link to a story about a famous Japanese TV personality that revealed she was really a boy. See I think Xiu could have pulled this off! Bill

  33. You and the other mistresses have been a huge inspiration for us. We're following your procedures on a guy and it's working like a charm. He just bought his panties yesterday and he's very nicely trapped. Please give our blog a read and make any suggestions you have. I'd also love to talk to you by email if that's possible.

    Kim, Erin, Kristi (The 3 Angels)