Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Break

Well, I'm home for break now.   There's always a strange sadness when everybody packs up to go home, but I am happy to be here.   Christmas with my family means a lot to me and even though by the time I go back, I'm sure I'll be fighting with my mom, I still love it.

I saw Jill get bundled up and secured into her seat belt today.   There's something pretty cool about watching her get into the car totally helpless and looking 100% sexy female.   Kristine and Elizabeth have some big plans for her and we gave them some things we'd like for them to do too.   I'll be reading her blog myself to see what's going on, but I'll also be calling, and if I get bored I may swing by for a visit.  When she gets back, she's not going to have much need for boy clothes.   In fact, she's packed up most of hers under instructions to leave them at home.  I don't know if I'll have reason to post here myself before we get back to school, so let me wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a happy holidays.


  1. merry christmas to you as well

    yay i cant wait to read whats going to happen this is so exciting i check back here and at her page everyday keep up the amazing work soon he will be thinking about himself as a herself then you will know that you have won im still jealous

  2. What will happen when Jill is thinking of herself as female, and no longer as a male? What then?

    Assuming this happens, are you ready to be Jill's true friends when it's time for Jill to break the news to everyone in the family? Are you going to support her as a woman?

    Jill would not allow what you are doing unless Jill had latent gender dysphoria issues that weren't being resolved. What may have started as spite may be turning into something Jill needed for long term happiness.

    I'm anxious to see what happens next. If Jill wishes to return to a life as Bill, you'll know soon enough. But the more that life continues as Jill, I think that Bill will cease to exist as a personality....

  3. Try to soften Jill's boy clothes. Tell her that she is to replace her school clothes from the junior department but she can pick them out. This can be a gradual and subtle process.

    Have her start to wear very fem perfume during the day. Keep a bottle handy to refresh. The sense of smell has a powerful effect on a person.

    Enjoy you blog, Amy

  4. Just discovered your blog! Love it! You girls are really terrific to help Jill discover herself. Having her own blog is very inspired and reinforcing.
    Check this out for more help. DVDs are a wonderful teaching tool You can email me from my blog.