Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

I hope you find wonderful things wrapped under your tree.   Have a great Chrsitmas and a happy New Year from all of us.


  1. Hi, I have been reading your blog and jill blog. You have turn jill in to a really hot girl. I am just starting out being a sissy, and i wish i had a group of girls helping me become a girl like you are turning jill in too. I would like to chat some more if you and your friends have some time so u can give me some hints on become more of a girl. I will continue reading the blog. I hope u had a nice christmas and a wonderful New Year

  2. Congratulations on creating Jill she looks great! But have you left Bill behind? He can still hide behind is feminized alter ego "Jill". Now Jill needs to help Bill finish the transformation and take on Jill's traits. He has to gradually bring her out in his daily activities. For Bill:
    1.) Slowly replace his boy clothes with female attire that passes as plausible for Bill (remove the male clothes).
    2.) Give a feminine trim to his nails and buff to a natural gloss. Tell him if he break one they will be replaced with acrylics.
    3.) pierced ear rings, rings on fingers, girls watch. bracelets (crazy glue them on so he can't remove them) (necklace with letter "J") start out subtle. use cheap jewelry that can be replaced when broken
    4.) perfume (very flowery).
    5.) padlock his room & car key to a purse (he will have to cary it with him).
    6.) women's penny loafers.
    7.) clear mascara.
    8.) a winter coat (worn to class) can hide much of Jill's attire all day.
    9.) vanity license plate that says "Jill"
    10.) hair highlights

    Remember SSS "Subtle Slow but Sure" "

    The more this is done, the more obvious the marriage of Jill to Bill will be, especially those around them. As the song marriage song says "The two will be as one"
    (divorce is not an option)

    Good luck,Amy...

  3. How far are you planning to go with Jill?

  4. Sheila:

    I hope you are on top of the situation. It is not like Jill to be quiet for so long. My intuition tells me Jill is in a serious spot. I want her to be loved and accepted for the beautiful person she is and not who "he" should be.

    I have lived a lifetime doing what I should be and not who I am. I would hate to see Jill suffer the same emotional death and not experience all the peaceful joy of being who you are.


  5. What an incredible blog! Too bad it seems lonely now. The only thing more incredible are the four wonderful young Ladies making this possible.

  6. Ladies, What's going on with Jill? I hope that you started off her semester by having her hair and nails done then going to class fully femmed out in a dress and full makeup. It's time Jill learned how the better half lives.

  7. Jill is posting more than you - what is your take on things?

  8. Will there be anymore updates or will Jill's blog be the only source of information now? I would like to keep hearing your side on this as well...