Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Sissy Conference

Jill had an amazing Thanksgiving.   It's kind of funny, but we only found out about Elizabeth from reading her blog.  However, that little discovery makes at home time perfect for our intentions.   We had a long talk about Jill when the night she got back from her folks' house.  We decided a few things.

First, I'm sure you'll agree that Jill is looking the part really well.  Her makeup application is flawless and with her breast forms and figure enhancers, she makes a very convincing girl.   Unfortunately, what she isn't yet is very feminine.   She can copy female mannerisms if she concentrates and her voice has the right tone, but not the right inflection to really sound like a proper young lady.   We set out to make her look, act, and think like a girl and we've only really accomplished one of those things.

We decided the biggest problem is the amount of time she is acting like a guy in public.  She may have on pretty undies, but to the outside world she looks male and she acts male.   Well, those days are over.   We're going to have her in dresses just about every minute we can from here on out.   She's not happy at all about this, but we knew it wouldn't be easy.   She will even be going to her bigger classes en femme.   We also have to get her used to being treated as a girl--by girls, but also by boys.   It's the only way to change her thought process.   This is going to be a rough patch for Jill.  We have finals coming up, which is going to calm things a bit, but after the tests are done, she's in for it.


  1. Where is Elizabeth's blog? I would love to see her perspective.

    Meanwhile, you girls are doing a most admirable job in improving Jill's character. Keep up the good work.

    Jill's friend, Michelle

  2. Life is so much better as a girl!


  3. A sissy is one thing and you have acomplished this but thinking and feeling and behaving as woman is another, it must come from within. Making Jill dress more often is not going to acomplish this, the clothes dont make the woman. You are going to have to psychologically reprogram her inside to acomplish this. You are going to first have to break her of the fact she was ever a boy to begin with. Then only imput feminine music, reading, tv shows and conversations. You may not be able to treat her as your sissy any more because it will remind her she is still a boy. You may have to start treating her just as another girlfriend if she is to become a girl inside.

  4. I am an admirer of Kimberly Anne, and her comments are usually so spot on, but I think the whole point of this is to improve a piggy boy through education, not brainwashing. I hope Jill becomes a really good sissy...feminine, pretty, and kind... but still Bill at heart; this time a good Bill. Any way, you are doing a great job so far.

    Cheers, Michelle, Jill's friend