Monday, March 7, 2011

Aaron or Erin

Colleen has been begging me for awhile to let her/ help her feminize Aaron.  I have been pretty firm, but she has worn me down.   We made an Aaron or Erin website.  I think I made a pretty strong argument and Colleen did too.  I won't promise to go strictly by your vote, but it'll go a long way to helping us decide.  As always, comments are welcome


  1. You have found another one! How do you do it?
    Find new sissies that have such a pretty smile!
    From his boy mode picture one would never suspect. The picture with his or her hand on
    her hip is really cute. Bill

  2. Where do you find these guys? He is beautiful. I am torn how to vote. I am still very upset with how Xiu took her TA responsibilities. She should be turned over to the university administrators Having a boyfriend should result in adequate embarrassment. BUT Erin is so cute. You can't say no to that face. She is so much prettier as a girl.

    I am having so much fun watching your sissys grow up into pretty women.


    PS I did get my boyfriend into a bra and a dress for some fun.

  3. Such a pleasure watching these girls change... I have to say she does look very hot in that Hooter's outfit

  4. I have seen the results. I know that you planned to keep this open longer, but turning me into Erin is over 100 votes ahead. I'm not going to win this thing. I would prefer that you allow Colleen to start training me as soon as possible and rather than being called Erin, I would like to be called Katie. Thank you to everybody that voted. I know I have a lot to learn.

  5. You're going to be such a pretty girl Katie. You're very lucky.