Thursday, March 10, 2011

Well, now you did it

The vote was overwhelming and with an already beaten Aron (Now Katie, not Erin as I was going with), posting in the blog begging me to let Colleen feminize him, you've unleashed Colleen on this poor unsuspecting lad.  She's already gotten him hairless, which is such a big blow to male pride, I'd never do it on the first day, but wow she pulled it off.  We're going to need some good sources of shoes.   Katie doesn't have huge feet for a guy, but for a girl they're wide.  Feel free to follow her blog too (in the links session).  I have a feeling  Colleen is going to be making life very interesting for her.


  1. We need an anonymous posting available on Katie's

  2. Sweetie, you're BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!! I really loved you in that black dress and blue tights on your profile page. You are just stunning!

    Smiles, Tracy