Monday, March 14, 2011

Crossing the Line?

You know I was one of the ones who really didn't want to see Aaron feminized, but I also participated in some embarrassment of Katie that probably crossed a line for more than a few of you. Katie was subjected to some public embarrassment in a way that none of the other sissies have been and I suppose if it was an ongoing thing it would definitely cross the line, but I'd like to give Colleen's side of things because I doubt she will.

Katie is a different breed of sissy from what we're used to. She has amazing legs, a great smile, and she doesn't fight things the way that the others did at the beginning, but she does find ways to make her displeasure known. She flat out disobeyed Colleen for the first time and one thing that we have learned doing this is if you don't crack down in disobedience in the very beginning, you'll regret it. Colleen handled it in an unusual, but effective way. I participated and if I thought it was out of line, I wouldn't have. I checked on Katie this afternoon and she was feeling chastized, but she wasn't crying or shaken up by the embarrassment. One thing to remember, this sort of thing isn't that unusual at the school. I've seen pledges drop their pants to reveal diapers and sing a pledge song. Anybody who saw what Katie did, would have seen what was happening as a prank and very few would have noticed her toes or pantyhose because of the table blocking her view. Maybe 16 people saw it and maybe half of them noticed.

Anyway, not to get off on a tangent, but I told Colleen that half the blog followers would be in awe of her and the other would really think she was a bitch. She got a negative comment already and I wanted to let people get her side.

I got a question that I thought was inappropriate to post on the site, but I don't mind answering it. If you provide me with a way of doing so privately, I will answer questions privately that I may not on the blog.


  1. I didn't think it was that tough a punishment.
    I remember Amber having to trade her boy shoes
    for open toed girl's shoes and go to class with
    hose on. Not much difference.
    How do you pick the sissies? They all have such
    unusual and pretty smiles for guys. Is it as
    random as it appears. Bill

  2. Put me down for being in awe of Colleen. Very creative and very effective punishment.

    I loved it and truly enjoy following these blogs!

    I've been going back and reading them from the beginning. Such wonderful stories. Its like reading the thoughts and feelings of the characters in a book while reading the novel at the same time....


  3. Hardly over the line. I do hope that there are many many more things to come that make that line seem silly.

    Thank you all so much for sharing this with us. You should set up franchising, train Mistresses in schools all over the country.....

  4. The punishment doesn't seem that extreme to me. she was told not to take the shoes off all day, and she didn't listen. Perhaps she'll now follow her Mistresses orders to a T. To really embarass her, I would've taped she and xiu's lip locking match and put it up on their blogs for the world to see. Nothing better to let them know who is in charge than to be exposed as the sissies that they are.

  5. No, this is not crossing a line, however excruciatingly embarrassing it was for Katie. If your university is like most, this kind of 'prank' happens all the time and most people who saw Katie and her femmed feet would assume that it was just that. Unless your school is religiously affiliated, it is probably impossible for Katie to lose her job as a TA even if she started wearing dresses everyday; most places have strong anti-discrimination rules against firing for those kinds of reasons.

    As a reader of these blogs, I say kudos to Colleen and her creativity. Also, you might want to look into something like this the next time you want/have to tie Katie and Xiu (or any of the other sissies together:
    Not to mention the phallic lollipops...

    Keep up the fascinating and highly erotic work!

  6. Colleen -
    Hon, I'm sorry to hear you're getting nasty comments about all this. I think what you're doing sounds like fun and is a lot more wholesome than most of what you see on the internet. You're just embarrassing them a little bit. Women go through a lot worse at the hands of men. I think all of you girls have been very responsible in the care of your sissies. You've watched out for Jill with your family and Cindy now seems to be very happy with your relationship.
    I don't really think that the sissies have no options in this. If the sissies are trapped, its by their own egos. Sure it's embarrassing for them, but it's just embarrassment. Even with Xiu, she could just admit to the College what she was doing as a TA and you'd lose most of your power over her.
    I don't want to lecture, but if folks are so d*mn outraged by a little harmless embarrassment they should try venting their wrath at some of these porn sites that encourage guys to post videos of their ex-girlfriends. Quit being upset at things that are embarrassing to men and go be upset at things that are degrading to women. Or perhaps you think that women are so far below men that its degrading to force them to act like one... in which case you're reading these blogs for the wrong reasons. Go get your jollies elsewhere.
    Sorry, girls. End of Lecture.
    Again Colleen... Let me apologize for all the idiots on the nets. You're doing fine. Cindy and Jill both turned out happier and healthier than they would have otherwise and I'm sure you girls will do just as good a job with Katie, Xiu and Amber.
    Sign me,


  7. I think it's very important at the start of training any new sissy to mix femininity with masculinity.This is the time when you can achieve maximum embarrassment/control.Switching shoes and belt with Jill before class was very powerful as it would have been obvious to anyone who noticed that he was a boy dressing like a sissy.I would love to see more of this in public before the final switch to total girlie just to watch the squirming :).Another good way to give some choice to the sissy is maybe to let them choose their own tops or bottoms and you choose what they have to wear for the other half.If they pick something too masculine,then you compensate with something more feminine.A boring shirt could mean a need for hemming up his jeans with some femme socks,hose or ballet shoes to go with. Boring pants could require a bit of frills on top,maybe lighter shirt with dark bra, cami underneath,maybe some jewelry,or fancy belt.Just a touch of mascara,rouge or perfume is always good as well.Total girl is often less obvious than partial and puts lots of pressure on which should help with future obedience problems.
    On another matter--is it possible we will ever get to see some of the squirming on a video?? Even a series of pics would help us enjoy watching the awkwardness that you mistresses must be relishing so much. Great site btw-it's my homepage now so I never miss a second.


  8. Katie is so much fun. Thank you.

    But what happened to the rest of the girls? It seems as though, whenever there is a new girl, the others just try to stay out of the way.

    When is the wedding? What are the girls doing to get ready?


  9. Just found your girl's blog and think it's a great site. Not sure I would go so far as to being a boyfriend or sissy girlfriend to a guy myself, but walking in heels doesn't seem like that big of a deal, she katie could have always said she had just lost a bet. Unless you told her not to anyways. I was wondering if you ever entertain ideas from other sissies for ideas for social entertainment for all of you or a little more humiliation?

  10. Ladies I am impressed. I have been feminizing my hubby for a while but not nearly as well as you ladies. I wished I had started in earnest when we met but I waited along time to begin this. I wish you ladies could have tammi for a week or two I can only imagine how pretty and passing tammi would be. My only mistake was I didn't push tammi hard enough or punish her transgressions harshly or swifhtly enough. Now career etc pplays into this scene. Any help suggestins etc would be appreciated. tammi's blog is

    Ladies keep up the goood work!!

    Warmest Regards


  11. Life is so good . I am so happy times have indeed changed . There is no better life

  12. Feminised husbands are the rage . Women are finiding out it is easier than they imgained and oh the rewards