Sunday, April 3, 2011


I do love this picture from taking Katie out to model wedding dresses. She's looking so feminine especially with her little padded caboose while Colleen is wasting no times looking for the next dress in her jeans and sweatshirt--unfortunately out of focus. There are better pictures of Katie's face. I really like the halter style wedding dresses. That didn't seem like something I'd wear, but I'm keeping them in the back of my head. I don't want a long train. One of Katie's dresses really would be difficult to manage at a wedding reception.

We need to have a long talk about Xiu and Katie. I can see that Katie is wondering the same thing I am. We're still just playing with them, but frankly Xiu put several girls in uncomfortable positions and Katie covered for her so there is some poetic justice, but how far to make them go is a real good question. I will be curious to see Katie's poll on the topic, but it will have no impact on our decision. I won't say too much because I know 2 people who will read this blog and I like keeping them guessing.

The swimsuit idea is interesting though it's kind of difficult for them to pass in a bikini or anything. You can certainly get full enough cups to hide the forms, but that doesn't fix the problem of a lack of womanly hips. One ethical thing---we probably could make a lot of money off of them. We've made a conscious decision not to do certain things that we thought would exploit them or have the possibility of going viral. A video of Xiu and Katie together would probably get thousands of downloads even if we charged $10 or $20 for it. We won't do that. However, a sissy calendar with each of the sissies doing 2 months and maybe all of them together for two might be a fun thing we could sell at cost.


  1. Didn't necessarily mean for them to be sold or anything just as gifts to you girls or maybe their boyfriends. Sorry for the confusion there. That is a bit un-ethical to make a profit off of this good for you girls in making that decision. Katie looks so nice in her bridal gowns, it will be interesting to see what type of dance lessons you decide to sign them up for. Just thought I'd also let you know of a couple more ideas Sorry if I take up too much space in the comments for this.

    1.If you are interested in something a litte for frilly in sissy wear I would suggest they even have some Mistress outfits.

    2. One thing you might consider is formally when a sissy formally belongs to a Mistress there is usually a collaring ceremony in which the sissy pledges their devotion and obedience to their Mistress almost like wedding vows. You can find out more about this by googling collaring a sissy and collaring ceremonies. And you can even spice it up by making a sissy ID card.

    3. One last idea you might like is maybe make some kind of wheel or punch board in which the sissy spins to see what type of punishment reward or outfit they might have to wear or participate in.

    I know you probably have mid terms coming up so study hard and good luck with everything.

  2. A simple video of them dressed and kissing would be wonderful. Heck, just holding hands and walking along a romantic woodland pathway would be fun. Put me down for a calendar.

  3. Miss Amanda,
    As a sissygurl myself, learned first hand over a long period of time that the slow erosion of masculinity, along with the emotional duress of anticipation is so much more effective than anything that may be viral. This month marks my 27th birthday and for 20 of those years i have been a sissy and a sissy gurl. Now, i am a sissygurl fulltime and work and function as a gurl in society. But over the years, i watch my masculinity melt away with each action my Superiors took. It is so much more lasting and toady, i have no regrets.
    But You are her Mistress and only You know what is best for her.

  4. A possible idea for Xiu and Katie:

    If you go to, and search for "pregnancy puff", you'll find references to a 1972 article about an egg-shaped pillow that two NY fashion designers created that makes a woman look pregnant. I know that I'd love to see pictures of two glowing moms-to-be out shopping for baby things!

  5. A young woman that goes to our church wrote this
    on facebook. She is now a police woman in a small town.
    "It takes 3 or 4 women to get each man into, through, and out of the world. You are costly creatures, boys, and it is well that mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters love their duty and do it so well, or you would perish off the face of the earth."

    The Mistresses are doing their part. - Bill

  6. Do you have good picture of Katie in the Hooters costume with the orange rope. It's kind of hot.

  7. The calendar would be very nice. I'm definitely interested. Why are the other girls not posting anymore?

  8. Aloha
    This is a little awkward, and you may not want to post this if I'm hitting a little too close to home... but if you happen to be in the Portland, OR area you may want to check out
    They do dance classes in Portland and the few I've met at the Portland Dance Exchange seem really nice.