Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wedding Wallpaper

Here are some more pictures from Katie's bridal shop experience.   We're all kind of busy right now with school, but I will promise you within the next few days there will be a new post from Xiu.  We are really stumped on dance classes for Katie and Xiu and how we want them to present themselves at class.  We want them to dance with each other and learn some great dirty dancing moves, but we also want to get them practice dancing with guys too. Also, for those of you with dance experience, should they just take a basic ballroom class first?  Like I said, we want them to learn some dirty dancing moves ;)


  1. Ballroom dancing would be a good start, I would also try searching for pole dancing classes, or erotic dancing although the style you want may just be plain old hip hop dance style lessons.

  2. Sheila,

    I would send them both to two different locations each as a male, and then swap positions as females taht way they get both side of the pictures.

    most dance studios dont care if you show up cross dressed. i have been going to a dance studio for 10 years and its always a lot of fun.

  3. For the dance classes, if you look around, a lot of areas have a dirty dancing exercise course if you just look hard enough to find it. Then the girls would get to learn how to pole dance, dance with a chair, and all types of sexy dancing. :) I don't know about whether or not dance experience is needed for most of those classes though.


  4. As far as having them dance together... In my experience the Swing and Blues dance scenes are the most accepting of guys dancing with guys and girls dancing with girls.

    If they can't pass 100% you'll want to avoid anything Latin, Tango or Country. (Unless you find a gay group, too many of the leads are going to feel like their machismo is threatened.)

    Ballroom is more formal and folks are less likely to find out, but they probably won't get to dance much with each other. The Ballroom folk are usually older, more conservative.

    I really love Lindy Hop and East Coast Swing and its a lot of fun but its not very dirty.

    Blues though... Blues Dancing can be anything from fast and sexy to slow and sensual. Its all the closeness of slow dancing, plus a little swing, a touch of tango and a lot of sexy.

    It's also easy to learn. There aren't any formal 'steps' to master and most follows can start social dancing after a single lesson. (And you can do it in flats, heels are optional.)

    You'll just have to see it. (Note: These are not routines. All of this is partner led social dancing.)

    Sexy Blues

    Blues House Party

    Blues Event

    Quick Lesson

    How to find Blues in your area? Search Google for your state and either 'Blues' or 'Lindy Hop'. If your area doesn't have an large blues scene, the Lindy Hoppers will know where all the Blues People and classes are.
    You'll probably want to take a few classes yourself first to get a feel for the local scene before introducing Xiu and Katie.
    Very Fun!