Thursday, April 28, 2011

Princess Slumber Party

Tonight is the big Princess Party over at Sissy House.  This one should have some fun pics as a result.  In honor of the royal wedding each girl must come as their favorite princesses.   Mistresses helped their own sissy with her costume, but the gurls were in charge of assembling whatever they needed for a costume.  They're not limited to Disney Princesses either so I'm hoping for creativity and maybe a Wonder Woman or Princess Diana.  The party starts tonight and continues through the wedding early tomorrow morning.  The next two weeks are really going to be crazy here, but then things calm down a bit.   Wendy's wedding is next week.  I can't wait.   I can't believe she wanted Amber, Jill, and Cindy as bridesmaids, but it will be awesome to see.


  1. very nice Sheila, the princess theme was a great idea. Can't wait to see a montage from each sissies costumes, think we can vote on who was the most creative? Also one thing you might like to add for rules for the sissies is regarding their internet use is to never allow them to clear their interent searching history and to also put some banned porn sites on the network too. I might be able to help with this if you need some advice, one final note is to maybe take out a playgirl subscription for the sissies along with their cosmos.


  2. A Princess Slumber Party for the Big Wedding! What an amazingly awesome idea! Can't wait for the pics...I'm hoping that Katie went as Xena (though she's probably too femmy to really pull it off).

  3. Xiu looks so happy and excited in this pic! Perhaps she would smile more if she updated her blog more frequently...

  4. Girls

    It would be great to hear how things went for the princesses. I'm sure it was a great night but we love to hear some juicy details


  5. We're dying out here. Please let us see pics from
    the Princess party. Bill

  6. sounds like everyone is having a lot of fun over there except for maybe some of the sissies ;-). Hope your having a great time at the wedding this weekend and studying hard for finals. Another year down only a couple more to go. I was wondering what everyone was majoring in if its not to personal of a question and also wondering if the Mistresses have thought of setting up facebook pages for sissies as well if that just seems a little too much

    Keep it girly and oh so enjoyable, that lovely summer time fun is just around the corner,

  7. wow this is a very commendable site girls, you are awesome you just got a new reader. I love what you are doing to teach these boys how to properly treat women but teaching them how to be women. Although like I saw you said somethings are bit far reaching me for like that last dildo party, hope the sissies didn't cry too much. I have been reading as all the back log as much I can to catch up and I just have to say amazing. Such big transformations with some strict but kind and loving Mistresses, Since the summer is right around the corner I was wondering the sissies have ever done a full blow little miss sissy princess beauty pageant infront of the Mistresses and a few guests or maybe competed at party you put on for king and queen with their dates?

    love lots,