Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Colleen's Version of Twister

I really do love Colleen's version of Twister, but it does leave our gurls in knots so to speak. I totally wasn't bothered by the post that Katie made and like a lot of you, reminded her that she was bragging about how how she looked in a dress. Of course the reaction was a lot of blushing.   Colleen didn't make them stay like this for more than 45 minutes, but I think she made her point.  Since then, the sissies have been on their best behavior.

Getting Xiu to practice with her new little friend has been difficult, but not impossible.  I'm always open to suggestions, but if anybody deserves it, it's Xiu.  Katie seems to be settling in much better to her role.  Their friend Rebecca has come up with the idea of teaching them both a class on womanhood.  I don't think that's a bad idea at all.  In fact, it might be useful for the other gurls to sit in.
Jill is in full girl mode and looking like she never left.   She's nervous about the wedding, but I think she's going to do great.   I think they all well.  Wendy is awesome and has really taken to the challenge of being beautician to the sissies :)


  1. Bondage picture is totally hot! After time was
    up, the tape could be taken off and the kissing
    start. Is Jill in girl mode to get ready for the wedding and perfect her feminine moves? So she
    goes to all classes as a girl?

  2. Hi Katie!

    Seems you have had the luck or misfortune to fall into the hands of Mistresses that are very hard to please. They want you to become a woman, but when you are too successful in that role, they punish you for that too. I really find their reaction to your poll interesting. Are you “putting down Sheila”? The picture shows Sheila as a very attractive young woman. The fact that you, Katie, is the one who is most flattered by the color and the dress is not your fault – seems rather safe to assume that what you wear was decided by your Mistresses.

    I think that Sheila and all of your other Mistresses should be proud of what they have achieved. Judging from the pictures of you before and after the transformation it is really an astonishing development that has taken place. Even if I assume that they choose “before” pictures that were not too flattering for you, what has happened in between is beyond belief. You have grown from a somewhat shabby male into a fully fledged female beauty. Your Mistresses have every reason to be proud about you.

  3. A womanhood class would be a definate plus for the sissies. Maybe even some community service say a charity car wash competition with all the proceeds going to breast cancer awareness. As well as a maybe some knitting classes.

    From reading all the previous history on Jill she sure has seemed to mature tremendously in one year. I don't know if this would be appropriate since its Wendy's wedding but maybe you could get them to compete for biggest conga line or have each of do a money dance for the bride and groom I know some our family done a money dance where the girls get the guys to pay to dance with them and then all the money goes to the new couple as a gift.

    As for ideas for xiu getting to practice more maybe you should also get a pacifier dildo instead of using duct tape with a pretty ribbon to tie it in place.

  4. The 'Twister' pose is cute and creative, even if it does not look like that serious of a punishment (it is not easy to tell from the angle exactly what is going on in the pic, of course); it is marvelous that this happened as a result of Katie bragging about how pretty she is...oh, the irony! I hope this doesn't discourage her from updating as frequently as she does. Indeed, it is too bad that the other sissies can't be 'encouraged' somehow to do so more frequently...

    As for Xiu practicing on her little friend, you should try to get her and Katie (and the other sissies?) to practice together, perhaps has a competitive game. Perhaps a contest to judge their oral skills? A panel of judges (mistresses, presumably) could evaluate them on things like general enthusiasm, creativity, verbal skills (things said to excite their little friends), etc., and the loser would of course have to do something extra humiliating---perhaps even practicing some more with her little friend attached to the winner in the anatomically appropriate place (and be sure she maintains eye-contact!). Of course, whipped cream and honey are always fun as 'toppings', and they should be wearing their most seductive outfits.

    Lastly, Jill looks great!

    Keep up the great work.

  5. Jill looks great and so do Xiu and Katie. Are those cute little gymnastic outfits I see? Anyway if you are looking for advice for Xiu and training I would suggest maybe have her watch chick flick movies when their is time and every time the two character kiss she has to suck her dildo etc.

    As for Katie's big move coming up I know you mentioned you weren't going to do any movies of the xiu and Katie together, however I was wondering when Katie moves if she could show us a tour of the inside of a sissy house? say a photo slide show including one photo of the sissies fighting for counterspace for their makeup etc.

    You might also want to have the other sissies throw and appropriately themed suprise slumber party for her to make her feel more welcome, playing games like 7 minutes in heaven, spin the bottle, truth or dare, twister ;-), a talent show, stripper surprise, and even decorating their own dildo cupcakes with the Mistresses judging them. You can get cupcake dildos from here They even have pans for sperm lollipops ;-). Anyway I hope all goes well at Wendy's wedding it will be interesting to here Jill's take on what happened and how it felt like to be at a baccalaureate party.

    Have fun and enjoy spring break,

  6. It may be time for Xia and Katie to finally take the next step in their relationship.... going out on lesbian dates and public displays of affection regardless of if they are fully dressed up or not...


  7. very cute, I was wondering if we couldn't get more poses of the two of them together like we got to see of Jill and Cindy as BFFs and GF GF. Also if you want an idea for a fun spring and summer activities besides dance lessons and work for the sissies I would suggest signing them up for some tennis lessons if its affordable. Another great place to meet guys and and flirt plus the Mistresses get to watch them bounce and run around in cute little tennis skirts and panties showing off their goods.


  8. Oh, darn! I was so hoping to see one (or more) of the sissies in a bunny costume for Easter; Katie hasn't even posed in one yet, has she? They would also make great uniforms for them if you decide to go with the Oral Skills Competition...what can I say, I just like bunny costumes.

    Speaking of which, here is another idea or two if you ever do decide to have that competition:

    -have each sissy compose a short essay (1 page or so) before the competition, where they describe how much joy and pleasure their little friends have brought into their lives. They should be packed with details about what they like best about their friends, what their favorite thing to do with them is, the sensations and emotions they produce, and how they make them feel more womanly. Then you could have them read them aloud as a scored, competitive event during the competition (or have them read each others?).

    -most guys know and have told blowjob jokes, so the sissies should have to tell one themselves as another scored event. The audience could also crack a few during their well as in the days and weeks after as an embarrassing reminder of what the sissies have been up to.

    -measuring how far each sissy could accommodate his little friend, measured by lipstick marks, of course!

    -there are also some fun ideas that could come from a double-ended dildo, or perhaps the kind that is actually able to spurt liquids...I'm sure that you have your own ideas.

  9. I She She seems like there has been good progress with the sissies so far, however it seems as though Xiu has been getting off a little easy with blogging duties. Katie should definitely be rewarded for doing such a great job at it but xiu on other hand, well maybe a little more prodding might be in order. I also noticed she didn't step up or Katie when she really needed her to help pack stuff up to hide unless she had a legitimate reason like classes etc. Anyway I am glad everything is going well and I am sure you are Colleen are making up double time for some precious lost weekend

    Take care and as always have fun,

  10. Hey girls and sissies, I have just been hearing about all the horrible Tornadoes at in the midwest recently, and hope none of you girls and sissies got caught up in any of them. Any have a fun day and enjoy the week.