Tuesday, September 1, 2009

And the Winning Cup Size is....

We debated on this one for awhile tonight.  We definitely need to get our Jill some boobies.   Stuffing with underwear is just too junior high for a sophisticated woman of the world like Jill.   I wanted C cups, but got outvoted by the B contingent who decided that while the C cup would certainly garner Jill a lot of attention, at her size a B cup would look more realistic.  Now, that doesn't mean we won't have some alternative arrangements in the future for a more stacked Jill, but for the time being we want realism here and the smaller size should make it easier for her to get used to it.  Now the only question is who makes the best forms? 


  1. Wow, well there are a bunch of places that you can get some good breast forms. I remember when I first searched for mine, I found them on some medial supplies website, I don;t remember which one it was, sorry.

  2. www.thebreastformstore.com

    I have purchased breastforms from them twice now and I am very happy with them.

    Maid Jaqi

  3. Thanks Jaqi - We went with that site to order. I can't wait until they arrive.