Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bras for Jill

We had a delightful shopping trip today to buy bras for Jill.   Beginning tomorrow, she will be required to wear bras in addition to her panties and pantyhose at all times she is awake.  We could have made her get a really humiliating bra fitting, but that didn't really make sense.  For one thing, these bras are to wear underneath her boy clothes. They're A cup to be worn without any kind of padding or underwire.  It was quiet enough that at one point we made him put one on and model it in the store.   He purchased 5 bras that he can wear during the week.   When we get him some breast forms, we're also going to get him some far more noticeable curves.  Keep dropping me lines folks.  It keepsme interested in writing our experiences down.


  1. Wow, panties, Bra's, and pantyhose? Its about time to progress her to full time! Maybe you should send her to sorority rush and make her a preppy little sorority girl!

  2. Yes, breast forms are the next step. Start with a smaller set, say a size 6-8, then progress to a 10-12 size. It's fun to have to buy new bras to fit, and decide if you want "support" or "bouncy"

    My preference is unlined "bouncy" (Jiggly) bras.

    Go for it.