Saturday, September 12, 2009

Damsel in Distress

She'd been doing so well lately, but Jill absolutely refused to go shopping with us today. It may have been the money, it may have been the embarrassment, it may have been my own fault. I was encouraging her to go dressed as Jill by reminding her that we'd be having her try on a lot of things. I may have scared her. Anyway, as much as we prefer doing things the easy way, Jill required the hard way today. She's been hogtied for an hour and a half now and won't get released until she's ready for shopping. If she's not ready today, I'm sure she'll be ready by tomorrow. Sometimes, its tough to be mean, but I have to admit there is a real thrill to breaking through her resistance and such a feeling of power. We really did try and give her the easy option first. Hopefully, we get the shopping done today.


  1. Dear Sheila,

    I guess my pep talk to Jill yesterday fell on deaf ears. I am sure your method will be successful sooner or later. I will still be around to provide support and encouragement. I am surprised she did not respond better to all the attention and TLC you girls have lavished on her. Obviously her attitude needs to improve, and, I suppose, almost any means to that end is in her best interests. I don't know where you all find it in you to be so kind.

    Keep up the good work, Michelle

  2. Is that SNEAKERS on sissy's feet ? not appropriate I'm sure all would agree.( and the key ankle - wrist rope looks lax ... actually the Ladies picked up on the essentials very, very quickly.)
    So which Leading Lady allowed this abomination ?? what would be proper punishment of a L.L. ?? 10 hairbrush strokes, half an hour strict bondage ?

    Well, I only found this site a week ago - amazing ++ thanks. I've bought new outfits & been in panties since. Dolly