Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wearing Down Resistance

We're slowly, but surely wearing down resistance. Before she finally backed down and went shopping, there were many tears shed. Sorry Jill, but we told you how things were going to be. We won't go out of our way to hurt her, but we're not going to let her dictate things. Her resistance makes this more fun, for me at least. Sometimes it is tough to be firm, but so far what we've had Jill do is pretty simple stuff. If we let her have her way now, we'd never be able to get her to do half the things we want.

She had to wear long sleeves yesterday because of the rope marks, but they're pretty much gone now. I think next time we really need to just use duct tape. I prefer tying, but I don't want her to have to hide her wrists all the time. She was left tied up for 3 and a half hours before finally giving in to the inevitable. That's probably why she looks so pissed off.

We're working on a Jill website. Of course we'll post a URL when we get it up. Please leave comments. I love reading from those of you who are enjoying our little experiment this year. Jill is still fighting, but she's really getting better at things.


  1. I'm currious as to what you have in mind for Jill's future. Pierced ears and a belly ring woud be a good start. She should learn what care it takes to have long painted feminine finger nails. A long hair weave whold help her to realize how deep she is sinking into her expected role in society by her unchabgeable apperance. She shold be forced to engage in conversation with you woman about how attractive a man on campus is and what she would do to him. Finally she should be sent out on a date with a man to experience the physical advances when a woman only wanted company for the evening. Maybe then she will understand and appreciate what it takes to walk a mile in a woman's shoes.

  2. Little pitchers have big ears and little sissies like to read our blog, but I can tell you several of your suggestions are definitely things we're planning. I hope you'll stick around.

  3. Stick around, wholdn't miss it for the world! Looks like Jill will be getting a higher education in ways she could have ever imagined.