Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our Motivation

Kimberly Anne Love wrote in the comments section to ask why we do this? Is it power? Does she pay us? Is it some sort of redemption for our own sweatsuit and no makeup ways? We don't get paid for this, but you did hit on some of the reasons.

All of us have a different motivation. For Amanda it started as revenge. For me and Heather we totally love the power. Karen really enjoys having a doll to play with. Speaking for myself, I love my power over Jill. I have a very strong desire to make her think, act, and look as girlish as possible. This makes me sound like a total bitch, but the fact she fights us and doesn't want to do this makes it more fun not less fun for me. There's power. There's control. I am not a slob in sweats and no makeup all day, but the gender switch is kind of awesome. Having a maid, which is what Jill is becoming, is pretty cool too. Did that answer your question? If not feel free to follow up.


  1. You don't sound like a total bitch. It sounds like you are doing this for the absolute right reason, only the pure personal satisfaction of enjoying your controll of Jill.

    I'm currious as to why Amanda was seeking revenge? Did bill or some one like him not appreciate and respect her because she is a woman?

    On a different note, I thought to help Jill think more like a woman and for you to derive some enjoyment from her situation. Tie her to a chair and make her watch a "chick flick" or two(Beaches,Tearms of Endearment or Steel Magnolias, just suggestons). To make sure she has taken it seriously, quize her after about the movie. Make her stand with her hands against the wall feet back and spread. For every wrong answer she gives, provide her with corrective encouragement on her back side with a wooden spoon from the kitchen.

    Where where you woman when I was a university freshman?

  2. Revenge is strong. I definitely wanted some payback after tangling with Jill in her first week at school, but it wasn't that serious. I'd say I satisfied my desire for payback when we sent him to dorm meetings in a dress lol. I really like the control and I love playing dolls too.

  3. I have to agree with Kimberly's last comment, Where were you girls when I was in college?

    To think of how different things might have been. Then again