Monday, September 7, 2009

In the Lap of Luxury

Well, I certainly thought our slide show would get a bit more response.  Anyway, today was wonderful.  My apartment is spotless including the floors, bathroom, and windows.   We had a great dinner too.   Jill is quite a good griller and it shouldn't take too much effort to teach her how to be an expert at other types of cuisine as well.  She's not great at cleaning, but neither am I.  The important thing is that she does the work.  I kind of feel sorry for Amanda and Heather.   Jill will clean their room too, but there is much she can do.   I hope everybody had a great labor day.


  1. Love the slide show; it is a tribute to all your hard work. Jill is certainly starting to look the part. I just sent her a message to encourage her to practice graceful movement and posture as much as possible. After all, she doesn't need to be in a skirt and heels to walk, stand, and sit like she should.

    Keep up your good work! Michelle

  2. I really enjoy reading your comments to him. Your tone, attitude, and comments really reinforce what we're trying to do with Jill.

  3. I just noticed that the photo of Jill in boy mode shows a back pack. It may be helpful for Jill if that were replaced by a nice book bag. Nothing overtly feminine but something that would accommodate her books, writing supplies, and everything that might have been in her pockets. This should help her begin to understand the advantages of a purse as well as how to manage one, not to mention eliminating the use of pockets which so spoils the lines of one's clothes. If Jill is diligent and continues to master the details of femininity, she will not need to wear a dress to be one of us.
    Speaking of pantlines and the like, how do you keep Jill properly flat in front? Nothing could be more icky than a bump there.
    Well, I must get back to my paralegal work and let you get back to helping Jill.
    Jill's friend, Michelle

  4. Jill looked soooo sweet in that slideshow, I can't wait to see what you are going to do to her next!