Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Amber and Jill

Allow me to clear up one thing. Neither girl is on a diet, but we definitely like to have them eating in a more feminine style. Believe me, a lot of us have tried losing weight on a diet of salad with dressing and ice cream--it doesn't work. They'll be stuffing their faces with popcorn tonight at Twilight which was a brilliant idea of Amanda. It's great bonding and what better way to get them to see a chick flick that none of us had the slightest interest in. Amanda is great at finding ways to make the routine humiliating for them and fun for us.

It was a difficult decision on what cup size to get for Amber. She got a set of size 3 Transform forms from This should give her a very nice 36B rack, which seemed to look the most normal on her when we experimented. They are designed for a perky look and I think they'll look great on Amber. We didn't stop there though, we also had her order a pair of 36C forms with adhesive for when Amber needs to get a little extra attention. She was so embarrassed ordering them. She was so red and actually begged to be allowed to keep stuffing for awhile longer. Eventually, we'll get her a pair of swimmers like Cindy and Jill have too. She literally has so much to buy.

She hasn't been taking her makeup very seriously. She's got until Thursday to impress me with what she's learned or she's going to have a very unhappy weekend. If she puts her mind to it, I'm sure she'll do a great job.


  1. Wow, I find it hard to believe that the picture above is one of they sissies. It does not look like Amber and looks like a girl in face and body. You girls do an amasing job in transforming the guys into sissies and then beatiful girls.
    I wish you would write more about yourselves and about your feelings about this process. I would have thought that you would have gotten bored by now. Why do you continue feminizing more guys? What do you get out of it?
    Great job so far you got us hooked.

  2. Thanks for displaying her in her swimsuit!