Friday, June 11, 2010

What Happenned - My POV

I'm sorry that I haven't been able to write much about this. I've kind of had a choice between committing the time to feminizing Tom and writing about feminizing Tom. Can you really blame me for being a doer? I won't start at the very beginning. I think Jill did an excellent job of that already, but I do want you to know she was extremely seductive and she had him wrapped around her finger.

After Tom get an email with a few choice pics--which you'll get to see very soon, he saw that he didn't have much choice but to cooperate. He did go along with us at first. The girls had a pretty good idea when he'd balk and balk he did. We had him in a bra and panties, but when he saw the razors he immediately started to try and unfasten his bra. As we had planned Heather was on him very quickly and got him in an arm lock on the floor. I quickly grabbed the clothesline I had purchased for just such a location and while she kept control of him, I tied him securely--I felt extremely empowered and proud of myself.

I think we overdid it on the boobies, but I guess it's good to see so we can figure out a good size for her breast forms. He's definitely better looking than I thought he'd be, but not in Jill or Cindy's class.

From there we were able to shave his legs and arm pits and do a little shaping on his eye brows. Tonight will be a fashion show and we should soon have enough pics to have him good and trapped soon. Please vote in the naming poll. I'll let you pick the name. I definitely do intend for him to start blogging as early as this weekend. I think I'll have a much easier time calling her She once she gets her new name.


  1. OmG! You young Women are incredible! 'Like a moth to a flame' - i am irresitably drawn to Your blog. i am a mature sissy being feminized, quite against my will, by an experienced online Mistress. It's amazing to me that such young Women are already aware of Their true Power over men - and are exercising that Power!

    It's probably a good thing for me that the Internet did not exist when i was younger. :o)

    i know that You screen comments and (prudently) don't supply direct e-mail contact. That said, i'd luv to do a post on my blog about Your conquests and the next generation of Empowered Women. My i, please? i get an embarrassing amount of traffic. i wonder if Your gurls can handle even more attention.

    In any event, You play a role in my continuing feminization. Very, very compelling stuff, Ladies.

    sissy maid diane

    ps - i voted for felicia and those big breasts, well - i recently got H cup silicone forms. Wonderful.......

  2. How about Krysteena ??? You can spell a couple of different ways.

  3. So I get the original tying up of Tom. But
    how did you get the clothes on him and get
    him tied again. He must have just submitted
    without Heather working on him.