Monday, June 7, 2010

We May Have a New Girl This Weekend

Things are getting real close between Jill and Tom.  They've been talking daily and their talks are getting more intimate.   I think the process has been good for Jill.   When they've talked about Jill's previous boyfriends she tried to take the role of girls she dated.  Putting herself in their shoes is something I doubt she ever did before.  Jill is actually a fairly nice guy beneath it all, but he's got way too much bluster and from talking to her and to Kristine I don't think she was a very good boyfriend.  Jill met some of Tom's friends which is necessary so that they have seen the two together, but they didn't meet long enough for his friends to really feel fooled by Jill.  This is important.


  1. oooh Jill's hand is near Tom's crotch... I wonder if things are starting to get physical....

  2. First, Jill's comment of being willing to use her hands, second this picture. Will we get the full story of how far Jill went?