Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Amber Waves of Grain

The first days of training a sissy are so exciting and also so crazy. It's a new thing everyday and it takes a lot of discipline to let things develop and not rush through everything. Sue is a natural at this. She's got Amber hard at work learning how to walk like a lady in heels and Amber now has her own makeup to practice with. Please share any links you may have for good makeup tutorials. I never really did find any for Jill or Cindy and I think watching a tutorial will probably help Amber pick it up faster. Amber has such amazing eyes, she'll have to learn how to emphasize them properly.


  1. I wish that I had a group of girls helping me become cute and more feminine. A 21 year old should be out dating and having fun with friends. Instead I sit at home wishing I was cute and brave enough to go out.

    ...I know the girls don't think they're lucky, but some people would trade places in a heartbeat.

  2. Again, the progress on Amber is remarkable. The outfit and hair above have a whole Irish-lass thing going on (which is great). Seeing her come along so quickly prompted a bit of a philosophical question for the amigas: can any guy be forced to become a sissy? That is, is there something special about Jill, Cindy & Amber that make them turn out so well? And I don't just mean physique; obviously, none of the gurls appear to be linebackers. Or, are your training techniques are so good at this point that any male could be potentially be sissified? Lastly, why doesn't Amber smile in her pics? Thanks a bunch and continued success.

  3. So unbelievable. I thought there would be no way you could find onother that could compete looks wise with Jill or Cindy, but you just might have found one . Congrats !!!

  4. Hi Amanda...I took a quick look at you tube and there were lots of tutorials that would be helpful. I quickly checked a few out. Hope these links are helpful.


    There are lots of other tutorials aimed at crossdressers. If you would like specific suggestions, let me know.

  5. Amanda. I forgot to mention that lots of other 'you tube' tutorials. Just search for 'make up tutorial' or lipstick etc. There was also a very technical set of videos by Loreal but they seemed pretty advanced.

    We would love to see some of the pictures taken during your makeup training with Amber. You 'amigas' should have a flip or other type of mini camcorder to preserve there memories.

  6. It can be a good life . I know it works for me