Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Meeting of the Sissies

Today Jill, myself, Sheila, and Amanda visited Amber for lunch. Amber was quite an excellent hostess although, we had to pull her aside afterward and give her a bit of a talking to about the value of good housekeeping. Amber made club sandwiches for Sheila, Amanda, and I while Jill and Amanda shared a delightful summer salad. The weather was beautiful.

Afterward lunch, there was a little modeling session, but nothing like we have in mind for when Cindy returns and we can get all three together. Jill and Amber put on quite a show for us and a good time was had by all. Amber seemed timid and almost frightened of Jill in the beginning, but as they helped each other get ready to model, things warmed up. Nothing brings sissies together like modeling.

It is important for Jill and Amber to get along as Jill is going to be Amber's voice tutor. Jill has a very convincing voice and a pleasant speaking manner that Amber can definitely gain from. I know Amber probably found today to be another mind fuck as she likes to call it, especially when we made them kiss and hold hands and I kept asking Jill about what she did to turn Amber on. It was quite an exciting afternoon for all of us.


  1. Sounds like Jill and Amber are on a diet although it is hard to believe that they have hardly any weight to lose. I enjoyed the pics that were posted about today's meeting. I am sure that there are lots more, particularly of the modeling that Jill and Amber did...and perhaps even the kissing and holding of hands. As always, please provide as many details and pics as possible. I am glad that today turned out be such a fun and exciting afternoon for everyone.

  2. *sighs in amazement* wow more incredible ideas - i LOVE the chickflick showing such nice gurly bonding!