Sunday, June 27, 2010


Cindy's trip home has been going remarkably well based on the reports from Cindy herself, as well as Colleen, and Kristine. She definitely looks effeminate as a boy with his thinned eyebrows, smooth skin, and occasional girlish mannerisms creeping in. However, she han't had much trouble with her parents because of this.

Colleen and Kristine have come up with some fun ideas. She's been taking ballroom dance lessons--something Jill and Amber should be too. She's been out shopping several times and has a few new outfits to bring back with her, but has tried in literally dozens of different dresses and skirts. They've taken her to get professional photos done, which I am dying to see. They've made Cindy flirt, and Colleen loves the vibrating plug. They have made arrangements for Cindy to spend far more time en femme than I would have thought possible. Cindy is the most beautiful sissy, but probably the least feminine. Colleen has decided that she will be working on that this summer and make it her project in the fall as well.


  1. i love the idea of 'project' sissification. Cindy looks marvelous, but even more stunning is the fact that multiple ladies care to transform a male into a femme.

  2. I'm surprised that Amber is already more feminine than Cindy. I suggest you may want to cut her loose if she doesn't accept her role. It has been suggested that Colleen's interest in Cindy may be of a more personal nature. If she wants Cindy more feminine, she should take total control of the masculine role in their relationship. Once Cindy gives herself to Colleen and accepts the feminine role, she will let go any remaining masculinity. If you can get her to document it, that would cement it even further. This isn't temporary. This is fun to discuss in theory. If you were to really do this, you need to be there for the long haul or you are the devil.

  3. Hi Amanda. With all due respect. Cindy does not look 'effeminate' at all. Rather, Cindy looks drop dead gorgeous in her 4" heels and new dress. Instead, I would label her a "guy magnet.'

    I really do love that Colleen and Kristine came up with the idea of having her take 'ballroom dancing' lessons. I assume that she was on the receiving end of a 'male firm right hand' on her lower back. 'we' ...cannot wait to see her 'professional photographs.' I bet they turned out gorgeous.

    As for the vibrating butt plug, I am not sure why that was necessary except as possibly punishment. Maybe Colleen can explain the need to use the vibrating butt plug.

    We, your loyal followers, are starved for details. Keep the posts coming. :)

  4. Love the look in the picture. Great legs by the way. Keep up the great work feminizing the sissies. More details please.

  5. You do amazing work! i hope your gurls learn to appreciate all your efforts!

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  7. Any chance we could see a current side by side of Scott and Cindy?