Thursday, June 10, 2010

Let's Get Serious

Tonight was a great night. The new sissy is currently restrained and I'm sending some pictures to the Amigas so that we have plenty of secure evidence. Her legs were shaved tonight, but they will be allowed to grow back before she has to start shaving them regularly. When I send her home (in the pictured outfit) she's going to be informed that her days in boxers are over and it's time for her to buy some panties. Let's get serious about her new name. I'm like Sienna and Amber the most right now, but I'd love to get some other ideas.


  1. Why not Chrissy....? Rhymes with Sissy.

  2. How about calling her Fiona , the fiery red head . It can also be shortened to Fi , or even Fifi the French maid. Can`t wait for more pics .

  3. Thanks for the post Sue. It looks like 'she' has accepted the idea of 'your gurl.' Cute outfit. Did you have to restrain her during her transformation? Or, did 'she' shave her own legs etc? Please give us more details of 'her' transformation.
    As for a name, I feel like we are naming a newborn. I went through a names list and came up with some more ideas, albeit you are 'the boss.' Terri, Terrie, Tracy, (I like Stacy too) Taylor, Tiffany, Tonya or Tara. I will be interested in other name suggestions by the followers.

  4. id suggest something irish as a name, especially if she has fair skin. rachel, maggie, fiona works as well but i keep thinking shrek. lol.

    im very much looking forward to her progress as i love trying to be a redhead though as jill found out, it isnt easy.