Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sorry for the Weird Week

With Jill's blogging resposibilities temporarily eased, Cindy visiting her family, and Amber sick in bed there haven't been a lot of posts.  I apologize for that, but they'll be posting again before you know it.   Amber should be making a post today actually. 

Cindy is home and she says her parents haven't freaked.  I guess her father and mother were into The Cure in college, so she's not even the first guy in her family to wear makeup in college.  Colleen has charmed them as well.   Kristine and Colleen have had a lot of fun having their own little Cindy doll and have managed to find time to play with her a lot.   I'll let her give you most of the juicy details.

Jill has been enjoying her "time off", but she's still been required to dress up and to work as a waitress.  She's gotten quite good at it.  We try and go in at least once a week and sit in her station.  That lets us be waited on by her, but also to hear how she does at her other tables. 

Amber is sick.  Sue tried to help her pass the time in bed by giving her movies to watch.  We're trying to decide what size her breast forms should be.   B Cup or C Cup that is the question.   Any ideas?  I don't think we'll go as big as D.   What do you all think?  What's your favorite breast size for a sissy?


  1. Glad to have news She She. It sounds like it has actually been an interesting week and I can't wait to read all of the details on the different blogs.
    Oh.....nice tan!! :)

  2. Amber is so lucky to have you all to take her through her changes. She may not know it now, but I believe she will as she experiences the joys of being a sissy.

    When I think of a sissy and cup size, I have to say C cup. I agree D is too large. It must be a conscious choice to be a woman and go D cup. A is too small and can be well hidden. I pick C because B cup will not always say sissy. While mostly visible, there are ways and outfits that may make a B cup look like it may or may not be real. With Amber there should be no choice. With her breast forms in, she is a girl. There should be no way she can hide that fact. She needs to face that fact herself. You will be doing her a favor by picking C cup.

  3. Hi She She!

    Love what you'v done with the scenery er grrls! ;) Looking at Amber's 'Chick Flick' pic and comparing it to her other pics, I would think a size-C would work best, drawing eyes away from her broad (but not too broad) shoulders and toward her pretty tummy which seems to be crying out for a piercing! The combined weight, size, and camber of the C's should be sufficient enough to remind her that boys will be watching, so she better learn the lessons you are teaching her. ;)

    Jill is looking rather scrumptious in her 'kini! Did she get submersible girls or is she 'au natural?' What girls did she get? They work really well with her bone structure and form. Does she use medical adhesive or?

    Anyway, just wanted to add my $0.02 and tell you I love to follow this expanding tale and check in multiple times each day. Amber really needs to get her music player - perhaps having her pick out an hour's worth of worthwhile tunes to share with us?

    Keep up the worderful work!

  4. She She. When you said that Cindy parents haven't freaked because they were into "The Cure" in college, did you mean that Cindy's parents have seen her 'dressed as Cindy' and/or with 'make up.' Love your posts and blogs.

  5. Give her healthy Cs

  6. i think a smaller cup size would be best for Amber... she looks waifishly thin and is quite tall... also, thanks for Jill's swimsuit pic! would love to see more sissies in swimsuits!

  7. Cant go one day without checking several times for updates. Great blogs.

  8. I second the comment that Jill looks really hot and very natural. Please share with us what forms she has. As for Amber, go with a C for reasons stated above.

  9. I think C would be best for her, but she may obviously be reluctant to accept that so why not start with talking about an E cup, and letting her negotiate her way down to a C? That way she feels relieved, has 'got a good deal' and you get what you wanted without fuss :-)