Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Best Time to Own a Sissy

This is one of the best times to own a sissy--especially one like Amber who needs everything, but all three girls will be making their way to Victoria's Secret for the Semi-Annual Sale.  I'm looking forward to letting Amber in on Victoria's Secret.  The beginning with a sissy when everything is new for them is so challenging, but so much fun and Amber is already becoming a beauty.  The trade off has been great for us because the job is perfect for what we wanted for Jill.  She's become so much more passable this summer--not in looks, but in attitude and personality and mannerisms. Jill has been lazy on her blog and I've seen a few comments about it.  I'm sorry, but I agreed to give her a bit of time off on several tasks for her work with Amber.   She'll be posting again very soon.

I guess I'll answer a few questions myself, but don't expect this blog to turn into the Q&A that Amber has.   Ranko, passing is overrated, just be safe and enjoy yourself.   CR we cherry pick the best pictures. but Amber had the perfect bone structure for this.  We got lucky with all 3 girls.  Connie thanks for the links--I bookmarked them.


  1. Hi She She. I was thrilled to read that you are taking 'all of the girls' to the Victoria's Secret Sale. I know that personally I get so excited (and nervous) every time I enter the store. It is like entering the ultimate 'women's inner sanctum.' The sales clerks are always so helpful, and have never been a problem. I think I read somewhere that VS is well aware that their products are popular with men and that 25% of their sales are for men.

    While Jill and Cindy will probably be very comfortable, I would be willing to bet that Amber will be extremely nervous during the experience, but when it is over, she will be forced to admit to herself how much fun she had.

    A 'you tube' movie of the experience would be great. If not, please take lots of pictures.

    I am sure that you will be shopping for lots of things for the girls, but may I suggest either the Second Skin Satin or Emma Collections. Very Nice. I wear them everyday. :)

    Have fun. We all want to hear the details!!

  2. An aside.... Cindy's Blog does not allow comments - is this what you wanted....?

  3. Just a thought, but you may want to check the comments on Ambers blog! specifically "Anonymous said...
    You may want to notice Cindy's profile
    June 17, 2010 9:44 PM"
    With luck you can delete it.
    Best wishes Angie

  4. She She. I forgot to ask...
    What do you mean by "This is one of the best times to own a sissy...."
    From a personal point of view, and I am sure a lot others, I know that "I am tough but I can be had." :)
    Just Teasing