Monday, June 21, 2010


Amber had two big things to worry about today--pardon the pun.   This was her first day of daily bra wear.  She'll be very self-conscious for awhile I'm sure.  Cindy had it the easiest of all the sissies as she got to get used to bras during the winter.  I'm sure Amber will manage.  There was a great link somebody sent her about how to hide a bra--well it was about bra training guys, but the part on hiding them was very useful.  

Amber also went for her first trip outside dressed.  She had to walk 5 blocks to the drugstore to pick up a Glamour, press on nails, clothesline, and tampons.   She passed with flying colors.  Sue was nice enough not to make her wear stilettos so her feet survived.  What a cutie she's going to be.   The Glamour is actually going to be useful because it had a big section on great clothes under $50 which every sissy building up her wardrobe can use.

Jill continues to adapt quite well to being a working woman.   Don't look for too many posts from her until July 1st, but hopefully she'll do some.   We gave her certain freedoms in exchange for her help with Amber and I think it was a worthwhile trade.   It is still amazing what sets her off though.   It's hard to believe she hasn't been living as a woman even part time for a full year because she's become so feminine looking.  We need to work on feminine thinking and acting however.

Cindy is about to go home where Colleen and Kristine will have some fun with her.   Wendy is going to give her a more masculine style tomorrow, but in exchange Cindy will be wearing extensions and finger nails when she gets back.  Wendy is so useful and was a great source of wigs for both Cindy and now Amber.  Some of the things Colleen has asked me about with Cindy sound like so much fun.  I can't wait until she's down here.


  1. I hope I am not scaring off all of the other followers who have not been posting recently. If so, I will cease and desist. But I will leave this comment and then await 'public or private opinion.'
    First, thank you She She for the updates. I think I speak for all of the followers that we love 'new posts' as often as possible.
    Second, the article that 'I' referred you to was a compendium of putting and keeping men in bras. Do you intend to use 'security devices' to keep Amber in bras or is trust enough. Just curious.
    Third, if frugality it is the issue, try "Target." They have very good designers working for them who produce very good 'knock off styles.' Except, for lingerie, keep VS in the loop. :)
    Fourth, as for the dreaded "walk to the drug store' Amber looked cute so I doubt anyone asked questions. My only question would be...who needed the 'tampons.'
    Fifth, as for Cindy, it is 'hard to believe that she is not a 'gg.' But, that said I am sure that Colleen and Kristine will keep her 'in training.'
    As always, as one of many 'followers' I love the Blogs and look forward to as many posts as possible......with 'pictures' if possible. :)

  2. i love this blog and so envy the experience of the sissies on it! well done!

  3. Great site, any chance of `before and after` pics please ?

  4. Great to hear that everything worked out with Amber; I guess I wasn't the only one who was more than a little worried how she would react when she found out what was up. And the 'Flashdance' stuff was inspired---What a Feeling! Pretty hard to feel very manly after that kind of performance, I should think. Do any of you have a background in psychology? It seems that you have a knack for pushing all the most sensitive buttons of the male ego.

    Also, any chance of a Charlie's Angels-esque photo shoot with all three girls? Or perhaps a new 'movie' of Amber's transformation? Aren't we demanding?! I'm sorry, but your adoring public has a voracious appetite for this stuff.

    As always, great stuff and keep up the good work!

  5. With summer coming, I'd love to see the sissies modeling swimwear!

  6. No problem with

  7. I do love coming here. So entertaining. I was wondering if we could get a link to the "Sissy Sisters Sorority"? I can't bookmark it and it keeps going farther back in 'older posts'. Thank You! LGB ps Connie can post just as much as she want.

  8. Also, are you going to include a link to Ambers page on Jill and Cindys pages? Or links back to all the other pages from Ambers? LGB

  9. Please update! And make the sissies update too!!!! i love this blog!